ch7_11 - ' 5-: me may apply between now and next Nov. 1. '...

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Unformatted text preview: ' 5-: me may apply between now and next Nov. 1. ' Fulbright awards for pro-dop- loral atudy and research in Eur- . ope. Asia and Latin American ‘ cover irnnsportallnn, lulllnn, ‘books and maintenance for one academic year. Basic ~eligibilily requirements for ihoa'a loreign atudy {climb- ‘ of the couniry auilicient to carry on the pro-_ awani will be used, knowledge of IppliCllion poled Itudy, and good «health. Preference la given to applicama not more thah'35'yeara oi age. Qumriea in which grants {or graduate study are available an- der ti; Fulbright Act are “Ana- , 4'; 1:4 Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, N'ew, Zealand,‘ Norway. the Phil- ippineI,-'and the United King- mature candidate; are preferred. The Fuin ht ’pmgram in part of tho‘_inie exchange , actiVitiea- or [theme- partment of State-uh will give more than 900 American citizens the chance to study abroad dur- ing the,1958-59 academic year. Since the establishment -oi the atlonal' educational Clfl .mn 1 1°” N9“? 5'0"“, Jllumiay, 9pc- 12.10575” W , \ ‘i l . . ' l ‘ 5.. ', :4," J v PjLIsi'Reqmremenfs for Fulbrlgihl‘Sch'glar-s 2255;332:221;:2“::::2:£$:::‘:n:2: " Fulbright Scholarship program for 1958-59. it was an- is“. 'J‘I»i l . "flvmfifizwuxialm g iW“ nounced by Kenneth Holland, president or the Institute dog“, .1" thé“‘A,lan .‘ wantfm‘; . e um . “at , a of International Education. Competition for these awards Bum;-._ 1nd|.,i.1.p.n, nu: me. “I'm. an mme'w I opened May 1 "id “Midi-NI ~“~—“——' Philippinea.'aa wall an lnGreece, ‘ ‘ ' ' 'iol‘matlon by'wriiin'z'tofth‘a‘lh- aututa o! intmotionai'ga tion “in New York 'Clty‘ziw”: regional oilioea for tho 1) . _ , Governmaii I Grants‘” The Information Divb“ v ion of m'.’ in New York City will answer inquirlea {mm Ipplielgitl" a t u d y -‘I , I “United ‘ smés concerning abroad. \ «smur- "r‘ "if-’1" ’ ls lrniia, Austria. Belgium. Burma. Chile, Denmark, Finland. France, Germany, Greece. lndin. israel, ships are United States citizen- . ahip; a college degree or its: equivalent by ,tho Iinu- the Booker T. Washing - San Francisco - A NOW UNDII NIW HANACIMIW r. old-52:, l l . ‘ Brand New Com forio'bla ROOM, $3.3: WI“; n 1 c A D I c S sung"...wa Fuxmiahaa'lm oamr on WEEKLY nus , Pinon. JOrdlu 7-5973‘ 0- llila. hm "linen I WM DISCOUNTS ’cau Dining Room and Coffee Shop "TB I 6% 1nderella - "BACK-TO-SCHOOL' FASHIO‘NSFORTHE. . SMARTEST LITTLE GIRLS ABOUT Town 5350 ' Ind up 3.395 'andup SIZES7TOH... 5122537061... Tlu snarled girl: in town? will flauni The Cin- donlll InhouoHoa: Fvl dirt: and loll naivral valaHlnM, done with highest billion flolrl All on washable. -‘ .int \u in " " ' " .. :- ln a one-piece Bron l! dunking waist “Office 1112 e. 43rd 5:.- VOL xxml; “the. i =25 -3 Held-unclai'aoptf. ta ‘ ' tion murder-:0 a. My .ldlonew " f me-‘wmmmgmcy‘nammn 11' Z .the dead womanipolice u‘l'dn' -- w ’lut 7W}, v : he‘killed‘Thlt calm-lurid! . \ r . . ' -. ,< ,, WASHINGTON.’— Battle- :lnd tlrboma troops,"sent to uk‘anau- by presidential di~ genomic prevent anarchy." mmv...;claahedfi.heed;4 _on um trying” to etop - *‘fi‘mémmggmmi e n r. e 2 oo n'ugfle'3 ‘ ,..-""‘,’;"'}7,"4'f’}.",'l ' ‘ ‘ —0ne;whit_ei-men==waa ~ stabbed vith a baydn et andfa'nother dubbed by mer‘n‘berxpt the crack but Airborne :division fiwhoae littorlcal tame,._dates‘ b‘ack to he Battle ~of the Bulge ,durinz Vorld.War II. '_ ‘ ‘ ' 'I'heglncidents‘occurre'd as loi- iers were attempting to clear - no streets in tmflieinitym'f. the uge schoolflOne‘man was stair ed when he.,'moved .too '1le . l response to an. order to move n. and the; other was clubbed 1 Combat tuition as he at~ :mptcd. to wrestle a rifle 1mm paratmoper. , l 1k *k - . MEANWHILE, a number of hite Itudents tiled out or the Jilding as Negro pupil: enter- l. President Eisenhower’s atern :tion — followed ‘by a nation- ide television and radio broed~ i$t~wu greeted with mixed notions by a shocked nation Id world. The new developmenta. swift- -aa-they—occur, are front page py in Europe. Africa and Asia. oat comment favored the move. I ; “Reel-ii” w ieevlnrthe mar-en's apartident: and made :a .f‘coutpliment'ery: remark to her.28he_~took attain; accordinx to Melton". end ‘ ,i dead himftb'leave. Ritual”: no. he hy'the may} and chandler”: . , ' '; When"',lhe feil‘ limp ’in'. .. emu, him-enede intd-‘|and-mmd the ‘ belt truth her dressing 'zow'n' r . around her neck. he told police; 2 The suspected-man nid'he ‘theu \vent to his .aputment. Liter that night thJIid III played pokera . . '“She was always decent tome and' never argued." Hartford ' _told poike.‘ ,. . . "I've teen her he. on dim-:5 wall‘every n'izht line! the ain't _ . 5 int" I ~ ' ' 109.5,. Further lnveetlzatlona‘ Wen tailed bean pruned-to mmmtically we. (consumed on If“. A-Z) arm ' .‘m- BRIEHNchiE 1 «fig EX-CCI'OHIIGISIC‘V‘p‘“ " 03:51 ' counnoouactm -'Minnio Brown, left, and Thelma Mothershod,‘two of nine children barred from Centrei High \ school in ,u‘m. Rock, Ark" by National Guardsmen on orders of Governor‘FodSbs, are shown as they attended the federal court iniunction hearing against governor. -|NP Soundphoio "(e OKs In’regrafion Parley Wiih Powell .NEWPORT..R. I. (AN?) —A Agreed to by Ike at his vacation- propoaal that President Eiaen- in spot here last week. hawet' 1nd Rep. Adam Clayton But an added luggestinn that (emu:de "LP". A'z) Powell get together {or a dia- leverai Negro leaders zit In on cuuion of integration problem the talk: was ignored by the u pertain to achmla. Wu Breddent. I’nwelihnd pmpond the meet- norm: WILKESBORo.-N.C.—‘-(ANH&~A1M‘ , . . . in: in an effort to not only re- ” ye." ended I.“ Week-m Wm. “I. _ Sheriffs Nip ' . "i" "‘9 “’“dmr' ""w' °“ ny. a former alave.. Mn. Denny and linen Why p” ‘r’ ' ' "’w‘m "1"“ Cowley. had each lived 103 years. 0 rights might be but through a ‘1 ‘ ngh School moderation. but also in allow W'- CWICY- dudnx Ilnvery. belonged-3o gm v - Negro leader: 10 air their opini- °‘ 1M9“ cwmy: in “00100! .K" W on: on the crisis over public *fi'fi'fi 7’ \ achool integration. In making Stat. i f the pmposal. Powell noted that w“mamx_(m)_m a . 1th rm wk“ w the President had mentiy dis; .‘ _-. Ii wool “nae”; cussed civil rights problem: with w” “I‘M “ ‘ “I” “my an paupert‘ol -wunn wma'“ W ‘ . white leaders, including Sen. (- expelled .thu week“; 12:31:: Richard B. mm," of Georg,“ dulled . on travel to luggage-ilk, dewflet frum Len __ -__- “We!” '1'“. “"2". ...c.. f.-.__.-... .. ,1 i .- V'Séitlim Wind“'“Bl‘a”s't’ ' ' At State Dept. CHICAGO (ANPi— Repreaen- tatiwof what Negro America thinks of the Little Rock de- bacle and the subsequent Eisen- hower-l-‘aubus get-together, wax contained in aome outspoken comment. trom'aeverai point: in thla country and Canada by r group of leading Negro enter- uinera. Leading the outapnken crilir~ lam at the-.(kntral High achonl' diapute. was a withering hint from jazz trumpeter lnuis Arm- arr-orig. Playing a date in Grand Forka. ND..‘lut week. Armstrong an- nounced that he was canoeulng plan: for a government-sponsor- ed trip to Russia because of the diapute. In a pneu interview. 8ath Ixuaed Gov. l‘aubua of “trying to run the, federal gov- ernment." He then turned on President Eisenhower for "lail- ing to lake a firm stand" in forc- ing Fauhul to comply with. the federal court order for integra- - ,. , . . “OIL ‘_.t .- "12': getting no bad ai' colored man hasn't got any country." and Satch'cauatiully; “if: the lower clue people’ymo make all Flubfll'Jfl. «troops to bar Neg-nee from Central High admol was-labelled a "publicity atunt" by the musician. who also said that auch thinga have an adverae effect on-US. relation: with other countries. ~ "The pmple over there ask me what's-wrong with my country. What am} supposed to any!" he asked. ' ; "If I evergo‘to Rue-la. I’ll go on my amt. Tbey‘lmow Louis Amtrong and them come to hear me. Infleriln. people flaked their lives to hear me." —.———_——___— FAILURE BY President Eisenhower to “take a firm stand” in forcing Arkanan Governor Faubus to comply with federal court order for school integration last week was severely scored by famed trumpeter Louis Armstrong, right, shown with Otis Young. Julius "Stuff." Crouch, longtime friend of Armstrong, said congratulatory message: could reach the entertainer at 745 5th avenue, New York. In Washington. the.state de- partment laid it hoped that Satch Would change his mind. despite his feelinga about ' the handling of racial problems in the south. Press Officer Lincoln White raid thOState department and Armstrong'a manage" had not come to any definite terms. but that the possibility of the tour had been diamued. Back at Sioux Falla. trumpeter let lt-be known that he was helm: subjected to “terri- fic pre<sure" from advisers to say he was miequoted in the ori- ginal outburst. but that he won‘t ch23” his story one bit. allowing Salch‘a outburst. aeveral Negro entertainen lent their voices in aupport of their fellow-mairian'a View... a: a a * FROM PlilLADFILPl-HA. tinge He adddl. "Ill N1 "hoi- lf‘m“ (4- I’m Horne commented: pet“.¢uld melt the Iron Cur- tain. ~ "Permnally. I think people 0( all colors ehould be concerned Later at )loalevlao. ' Minn _ . - , ‘ about “hat: happening in the Satchreitqatedjla stand that jaunt I. ,m. woumrmd-m. ,0 he wan outgoing thrwghflwhh plane for the State departmen- apooaorui tour. lg- ;~.'-'. \-.‘.- ‘ He don) want. 1.; go appear in Russia if I were arkefi by the Government. because i would fear embarrassing quea— tion: by the press. especially the over this'r‘neufinypmd said 5mm pm“ what have an id Minx Horne wouId not ranc- l in: tilla’e'jp.'1t'l over and: i . ' i - ion Satchl remark tbal Ike futuwg I ‘31." "had no guta," became rhe said n ( "m’ In m aha van a Democrat. and "would “not-m " " "ld‘l'tYW 3" .:_. RELIABLE LETTER-SHOP ‘ :oouru‘n "-. securnlaunvtce. 0 Tax'Sorviee' _"r ‘ Wooster“!!! ' Twine a . ° Hie-aha. aux-oboe Alum “1‘1! tivdgqllmg. N- Venqa' . ' _ Donl' Lok Older 7W”: '3; 7?.1LiV an; feel‘much freer io criticize a president of my own party" Miss Marian Anderson, from Honolulu, where also in on a State department xponsored tour of Mia. said. simply: "One halt fr-elinga . . . but nm‘ in not the lime for me in say something. He iArmalrnngl Jr a great artist. I could any some- thing." a a a l‘lAR'nlA Kl'T'T. at a mnlel ln '“llndanr, Ont . jun before her appearance in a stripper club had a ratullr- comment to give, Pull- ing no punches. Mm Kin “iri- "Ar'mslrong is a h an] n l e l v right. “'9 ahouldn'l go to flu-eh preaching thinga we are not." Labelling the Preairlnnt n a man without a anul." ahe an _____._._——— Ina Anntlrs Erntinrl LEON fl WAIHYVGTON. II. Publisher and 0-”: TNKO NT! THOMAI unaaeiat laitm EDWARD D. IUKIRIDGS Advertlllnl Manager r A A a “-4... 3..."...i .._____.____.—————- tlnued: "How can he pnxsxhly sit and not have any emotion for what it happening right under his nose? He is not even two-faced. He has not even shown us one aide of hi] face. "I don't aee how President Eisenhower can have any pride or any respect for bit position when he let: somebody like Fau- bux get away with lhla. All the purpose of the whole country is being lost. We. don‘t have any principle: or honor. We don't have anything to atand for any- more. "I have become a very dia- couraged person myaelL I cer- tainly feel as though X‘m»not human.” «*C ANOTHER OU'I'SPOKEN per- annage. retired baseball player Jackie Robinson. congratulated Satch for ekpreaalng "a feeling that in becoming rampant among Negroes." ' Said Robbie: "it is Ipreading Very rapidly. Now the Negroes are beginning to Itand up and be counted. I am very pleated. ll ahowa a unamlty that. ha: been lacking in the paxt. I can't any President Eisenhower la letting Gov. Faubua run the country. i do any he llkh haa been lat-k- ing in leader‘lhip." Confessions (rantinued [mm Page 1) link Hartford and the dead wo- man. A former tenant at the apartment hquse where the for- mer liar worked or manager said he made two emergent-y" vixita lo the dead woman'- apartment and both times. Laid he "put the ice-ling ahe was hul- lng anmmne " it haa been eallmateui that a n‘ellier’a {lame on a clear day Cnuld be seen up to a distanc- nf l3 Mil“. ,eommented: . tlon.” ? 'slzodloan Helped]: Ike Arts} .4 (Continued tram Page 1) _ The London Newa-Oaronlcle ‘The president. in hla vitally important dedaionyuterday. ('m'émy). is not merely mak- ing clear hi: support tor the Supreme Court. He la acting. aa he must, to uphold the Constitu- Amerlcan newapapen. even many mulhem ones. generally agreqi the move was one that had to-he made. "In ordering the Arkagua Na- tional Guard into federal aer- vlce tn uphold the law of the land, Preaident Eisenhower he: done only what‘Gov. Fauguk and the segregation extremlrta in Little Rock forced him to do," the Daytona Beach Morning Journal said. I The Charlotte Obeeever. not exactly a pro-lategntlon—mlnded journal. said, “Unlike Coy. Fau- bua, we do not queatlon the President'a authority to use fed- eral troops to curb public rebel- lions that obstruct the execution of the law: of the United States. \‘Ve regret the neceulty of web action. lave as a. last, hitter, de- sperate resort.” rt , The Mobile Re gla t er aald, "Dictatorship! in government are born exactly by the ruleby- force approach which President Eisenhower haa rho-en to use in the Little Rock achooi criala. Eisenhower's decision to clamp an armed federal yoke'on the State capital of Arkanaaa by ualng troops to compel racial -mlxing ln_clasarooma la horrify- lng." i * ¥ “Rum IN the week, Preli- dent Eisenhower leaned a pro- clamation calling on citizen: of Little Rock not to impede the orderly execution of court-direct- ed integration. When howling mohe greeted a new move Monday to enroll the Negro pupila with the beating of a newspaper reporter and club- ea with city and State police. the Preaident reactai swiftly. He lint federalized the 9900- mm Ark-nan Guard, then or- dered 1000 troop: of the 10m Airborne divlalon into the area: to see to it that the court order was carried out. ' . There is a loo! precedent for the. tin of federal troopa where uncontrolled act: of violence ariaea. Prealdent George Washington. for example, called out the led. eral militia to put down the famed Wblakey Rebellion. And in IN. almilar aetion wan taken during the Pullman atrike and during the veteran- bonua match on Waahlngton dur- ing the depreaaion daya. Late report: indicate that Negro troop. “signed to lhe alr- borne unit will not be used in the current criala. in bi; haltily Icheduled‘radirr TV hmadcaat Tiieaday night. l‘reaidrnt Eiaenhm‘er laid hla cards on the table. He and he order-«i lederal lrmpa lnlo Lillie Rnr‘k becauae "mob Iule r-annnl he allmted to override the. deCh alone of lhe murh." He appealo‘d lo the American Pay Off Overdue Billi Saved "Mun Fm... I'M: RESIGNING from post as office secretary of Avalon Community t e n t a r (Com~ munity Chest agency where die served 7'/; yeart), Mat- ty. 5. Miller, 2l5 W. 43rd . place, has broken three month "rest period" to ac- cept another 'Cheal' position as secretary for entire Eul- ern area of Metropolitan- Hoilywood department for current campaign. She has been California resident l4 yean. Bondii’s -Snolclt Lunch Bug; Overlook Loot N bandita. one ollwhom wore a lady'l nor-king cap mule. robbed a woman em- ployee. left alone in a public service om» Friday. and then‘ fled with approximately 3300 taken from a money-box. Mabel Scott. 50. of the Scott's Public Service office. (710% Hooper avenue. aald one of the suspect: entered the otfice alone and naked tn ralrchaee two mom ey orden. Suddenly. aha Illd, the auapeel’a arnomplloe appear- ed with a attacking cap over hla face. One of the men atlernpted to cover her even while the oth- er grabbed :- money-box and em- plied in mmmva, Both men fled through an alley. A wilneu, Olivia Kirkwond IIW the men leave and followed them to 46th street and Hooper where 8M obtained their llrvmte number a: they drove. away in an old rnodel sedan. ' __.__~ people to unite in underatandlng that he had no choice but to dispatch the trmpl. # ¢ ‘ ill-I A150 aid that "certain miaguided peraona. many of them imported into Little Rock by agilatora, have initiated upon de- fying the law and have «night to bring it into diarepule." Negro leaders acroaa the na- tion generally hailed lhe Pwei‘ denl'n declainmi Other: can-ligat- ni him for arting loo almflly’. in Little Rock - the atom renler- nlirena hlaalrd Ellen- hmaer’a action. A taxicab driver predicted: "This mean: more trouble than we've had before." ...
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ch7_11 - ' 5-: me may apply between now and next Nov. 1. '...

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