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Unformatted text preview: "a. ,-;,,u- '15 un-u. nvmn. ' about ‘ formed a cordon around the :2.000—pupil school Jim was , supposed to have nine chro ‘ students attend classes torn-er- to Be Assigned MOSCOW, Sept. 2 L-T—Dmi tri Shepilm' 31, fallen former r03". The mmrdmen. cars-in: M— Prawn CdllOT clubs and carbmes. halted ‘7 J-ld form“ foreign min- " ' : istcr. will be sent of! some- where to St- :;.ber:a as :x ‘ teacher. unol. limal reports traffic on side street; alone the high school and directed it alone the main thorotare in front of the ‘ouildme. ' Soldiers to on Duty i-‘aulius ended hi: hali’ hour speech with t h e dramatic 58"; today. statement that the military 5””. H mm Hm "’3" 3‘ “‘9 “mg”! "“l "3" Will complete the avian- scgmm‘mm-‘L‘ "07 ’m‘mra’ ment to remote and obscure tionists but a': soldiers to J01». or “K. {our 1cm,ch mm”, CGI‘W"OU1- the” 3 5 5 l g“ C d for anti-party activities in the 135“ , . . Kremlin shake-up in June. 'l'hen he said it was lus- The report said Shem)“ -_ O'Ptlltont "FCS- Cl‘i‘n 3 COMIC-oil] not take up the post until pgltolt that 1“:fo CCU“? “01 he recovers his health. it is imammmm h, “"915” 1"“ understood he has been in 3 .~ tegration is carried out tumor-hospital since early July. row. The schools in Pulaski; “Noun/‘0 “onzoua i nfeounty [Little Rockl must he; , _ ml. operated on the same basis as ms “Ported “figment m ‘ a teaching post in a commer- they have in the past ” in the I , “N Com,“ nigh has hem rial institute would end the , ’ guessing as to the late of the 'll white 8. Dist. Judge nonairi.°"~“°d1°“dmi (Davies of Fargo. l).. sitting , . ion the Arkansas district bench 1°“ oncumc prcmlcr and Chief of Russian diplomacy. was temporarily to fill a vacancy. ruled Friday that, the schoolgnamc,d '0 “1" mm” jot) “f .hoard‘s integration 5 h o u lti?1,h“55"“n ambassador 1° Mongo' 1 proceed. ilia. ' He issued a broad injunc‘i Former Premier Georgi Ma- ition forbidding anyone fromt iintert‘ering with the. peacefulims Oyster 1° rm.“ pow" Sta. Eintegration tomorrow, ileum" m far 0” hamkhs‘an' iwould not comment on Fair: Lazar. M‘ kaganovucfi' d9 Ebus. action tonight. loosed first deputy premier, is ; ‘ iSald to have been assigned to (T 3nd.“ “3” I‘l‘Prrcrm" ia cement-factory in Sverd- There. was no ‘ immediate lovsk. western Siberia. r e a ct io n from the school' _ With Rise of Khrushchev Eboard. which planned a meet-I Shem-1m. flopped mm mo 100 national cuardsmen Last Of 4 Fallen Bads x‘ll“ Y‘PT'K Sci“- Only Saturday. V. .\l. Molo- .’ ilenkov was sent shortly aftcri '1 Church membership 0! ll llaithnreachcd a new hub of 103.224.9513 in the t‘mted .States last year. the National Counczl of Churches reported lads}. The figure. based on com-‘ railations for the councd's 1933 Yearbook of A m e r i c a _n Churcth represcnk a 3 per cent gain dorm: 1936, nearly trier as large- as the estimated 1.7 per cent population in- crease tor the year. 1' means. th‘e council said. that 62 per cent of Americans of all ages are members of a church or synasoz .\ century ago. the percentage ins only 20. In the last 30 year;. the council said. l‘nited States it h u re h membership h a .s doubled while the population increased by 40 per cent. Protestants [‘p 1.7 Million . According to the new year. book. there were 60.143930 Protestants in the nation. .l.7l}0.00t) more than in 19.3.3. Roman Catholics numbered :34.563.831. up 1.167.204, .lcws million. the same as re- ported for the previous year. and Eastern Orthodox com- )3; ; "EH5 WEATHER". i ' Cll i ICAGO AND \‘lClNITY:1 . Partly cloudy and motor (0-: day: high. around 7.: low tonight. upper 50$: ursterbf winds. 15 to 25 m. p. h. Tomorrow: Partly cloudy 5 Mill little temperature i change. glt.l.'..'\'t)lS: Tit“? cloud! and rmlrr today. (an)! cloud! tomorrow; 4 Illh ltttto temperature fhlnfit‘. TIZ‘IT'ZR \‘rt "'1! 1 (“IF U." :‘n._ - FUMES ANNOY FAR SOUTH SIDE n 11:1:(3721‘ .‘s‘ni included is the C ch 0! Chriii Scientist. which does 6 ose membership ti;- his: 1 :55: not 1111“ The Roman Catholic church conniders all baptized persons. including infants, as members So (in Lutheran bodies and the Protestant lloiscopal church. 3% 0 st Protestant churches. lion-ever. list only persons who have attained lull member- 411?. most. hem: over lit. Sunday school enrollment um reported .at a record 39.- 90t033. a 2’; per cent iii- crease. Huildin: at New Peak New church construction topped the previous year-h)“ 40 million dollars for a total of 775 million dollars. This also was a new peak. in the major I‘mtestant: 'zrnupincs. Baptist denomina- tions led with neaily 20 mil- lion members. Next came the ‘ Methodist denominations.“ claiming nearly 12 million. I Lutherans. 7 million. and Pres. h)‘l(‘ftah!~ slightly below 4 mil- hurt. The Methodist. church the largest single Protestant church body. reporting ; .400.- in iOOOnicmhers and nearly 40.- 000 local churches. It was followed by the Southern; Baptist Convention. With; 8.700.000 members and some? 31.000 local churches. i .. .. ‘. H..._;-.__..___. 011. nErINERY Thousands of persons on: Chicago‘s far south side and: mm m” (Om-gm m cmhmm Kremlin limelight with thcl- 7' "'M - "’ """" "' ‘ “ . ~‘~ t . ‘ a . .tuj \nd mu on 5”“; golmmm .51 a??? . it‘tSc to power of Communisti -: - : "11;; I 3....“ f ‘ ‘ .. . . I" II ..I . - i a“ it" 53” in": m il’arty Chief lxhrushehev. .n: 2 .. 1 ‘ 25:: :{ormation that a numocr of rm “8 mflmd mm the mmfln ; MM... .. _ H: t, . c , , , __l .. ‘ . A loan. In ,-.Iu."l :QOIV‘CI‘; \‘tlereI takendfrolrn séti'mlmsmrs Job from me thief; 1'2. :1 In: 21.x. «. m-zoo 'ents onvueaucoore.i ~ ‘ . , _ ,= 't-tm'"r . ,editors deslt at l‘raula. 0r! wrumx ..v 0.. '4' '.--- 2‘4 \\ “a. \‘y- tun-g Elie had made this statementlficm ("nan _ of the Com-_ ‘ before a court two days Qarllri .munist party. on June n [3 Cl in the Blue island and Palm .l‘arlc areas were annoyed 'early today by ml refinery? fumes. Police and {are de-:. partmeuts and TH: TRIBUNE“ received hundreds of calls I) from resulents.who feared l - _ - l . . , . . , , . ‘ . . . ier. Tonight he said the sale clam-fl He sucmcdcd Molotov'g M t -- I ‘r L ‘ __ .--- €there “as a gas leak. iguns and knives had juinpedinc was replaced km Fell 1 "32?.“.1‘~._3‘:.m".;.:-,.,‘:.:r”,;-g State police traced the odor 3 ‘z I‘\nu\. l‘m:l Dunno-MM?! n.‘(" {in Little Rock. many of tllCltlgvandrci Gm",ka .50“ 1.0 ACE-mes “mi who” 10: In the shake-up he and the; 7 U. omit”. nun. \VhllCS. ' i . . . ~i tots. . The mi‘mor Q id he f(“anthers “ere. accused of opi)07“:l‘mtrflalk~n. in". mm kmwa.. f‘ ‘ .3 ‘ ‘ a ‘ - t :SI‘h.3~v‘ ‘. 1:12.)... ; 1‘ 1‘ ‘H I H I . “‘ttl‘ctllt‘ foreign and dmnesticinm “we “Mme” a r {n it .ere 310.: t tan tt‘t‘tt .uiiepogmcs 0f Mmmhchct ,ia‘mm ran-tram. 2 . i... s! m m... I, n n. 2 . 2 r n. It: {to litigate Arkansas" anti-inth lgration measures passed first immfidmo “mum” of [he pm“ mu“ ml \T “by the 19.37 legislature andjfldmm and his job as WNW {continued on page “oi-col: 21‘ganda chief. . :93 mm" m at»: and at an: finial-murmurs” m , Shepilov lost his 'place as aéummcm. : . at. :n"~ ? '- u‘n ‘ \lu- Marvin. to aver-on MIL corporation at "at" our“. tin: 2| Mn rack-in It 2 r n wen“. ito the Clark Oil ~and Refining 131:! st. elx‘eerie aux. Blue island. Atmospheric conditions. po~ lice said. appeared to be hold- ing the fumes close to the iground \t‘orkinen who hives-f ingaicd told police that the} ‘Iumes “ere not dangerous. and van “‘1; “Ionic-ls \u I Contestant: seeking title at ans; amuse: In Muanuc y“)! _ l h h h _ _. I include (left to right): Joni chtlchel (Miss. Wisconsin).l;f§r:l:$u\guidogl: “its Two Smch from La Grange; “name Beacham (Mm Illmoxs), Bette Lieb (Miss Chicago).I Pa- :park were kinea Sn { u rd 3).! land Sara Ann Cooper (Miss Missouri). ! Chicago's "57 Traffic To" inight when the auto in which' ___.____ l ‘ they were riding struck a. —--—- . 3 ‘ irid e and ov n a .; lrfleggngAéggg 51“) Comm Vi g ertur ed at a r . taboo. Wis. . E Atlantic City. J.. Sept. 2 INTEGRATIONIm—Bcautics seeking the titlel They are Mrs. Francis El . iKara. 66. a widow. and Miss? gJosephine Rose. 72. both oil lot Miss America of 1953 ar-l 1643 Kcnsington av. in the Arkansas Governorlrived here today. The girls it‘lglggz‘“:}r‘°§na::atg’dglhcr . signed the pageant register, 4 ' . ' e . u "’2" F ears Riot the“ received a kit of badges, iby uiss Violet hemec 0t 5821 [Continued from first page] lribbons. and rules. ' thaéfileondafh l - h lat {Fri—d b p lar i te l Therepm 51 girls from 45l ‘scnggrsal'ere'zin‘iouz‘efir pas. er ra l ie y p0 u ‘0 “states. uerto Rico. Canada, .. . . = '- before forced Integrauoninawafi' Chicago. Washingtonichufialfi {Jim-holiday estimate: Dorothy Ccdarburg. 1:. of should be attempted iand New York City who seek a More lahgn if)? or the deaths! Earner me governor had ac' the jaCl‘POt 0‘ Prizcs' immd' occurred ycstcrdav as. millions: “machine federal govcment'mg 530,000 in SChOIaTShipsllof vacationers storied their ' ' 05 trying to “59 Arkansas ‘0 Only states not representcdlhomeward trek. l K s l ibreach the souths stand on‘are Wyoming. Montana. and; N0 Famnms‘nm lsegregation. _ . . . ‘ While it was evident thail‘VaShlng‘9’l' . l Chicano passed thru the Fanbus intended to halt thel .Compamon Wm hem“ “"09 dU)’ h01idfi." Wilholll 9' scheduled integration tomOFHVednesday night in three fatality. Last year. when trai-i row, his language was notlcategories — swim suit, we lie accidents killed 435 per-3 direct. He said; thing gown. and talent. Per- sons in the nation. two werel “ Units of the national guardisonality tests also will be killed if) Chicago. In 1955 {ouri have been or are now being given thru interviews with were killed hen-‘- l mobilized with the mission to judges. The winner will be ' Traffisaccidentsclairnedt madintaindor gestort; peaccuiamed Saturday night. 435 km"; ling: falij dag an goo or er 0 is com- L wee -en 0 . e recor munity. Advance units are,- -,, death toll for a Labor day already on the grounds at Cc"? 3:3; “may ‘5 451' 5" i" 195‘- tritl high‘school. .. '. . Negro boys and a Negro gm There is no recognized nor- This is a decrsion I havclih attendance. mal tor a three day week-end reached prayerfull). . ._.‘Thel The Ozark school board an_ period. However. the A550. missmn oi: the state militia 151' hounced last Jul). that h injciated Press counted 398 trat-l to maintain or restore order-“ended to (“segregate for tie deaths on a 48 hour test! and to protect the Ines. andéecmmmiC masons. Thc’hoard period which began at 6 p. m. property of Citizens. .The‘x wxll’said at the time that the ex Friday, Aug. 18 and ended at act not as segregatiomsts orgpehse of sending Negroes to a midnight the following Mon- integrationists but as soldiersih—ort smith Negro high school Iday. - caued to acnve duty' ‘ Iwas about $400 per term. Elee California in Lead Stay on Same Basis a yonderful savings on the clothing you need {or fall, regularly 3115.00, special 100th anniversary price 889.75. ‘mentary school classes will be all" Efieeiigusihitftit hfsrenit; kept smegregam. 1°.aiag'f‘ggsiga‘hzass‘3“: ‘iflhtgi " "T’s": °.pini°n_‘yes: {Even a convic‘ACHILDREN {hieiggergtggeslégi “with?” :Ind.’ {gigslhrjzlhlrrigtmbatinggsn ALONE I N FLAT yolk with 28' Texas with 26' I gtailored in order and protect the lives CREATE A ST] R 3.2]: “Eh sharkskins, and property of the citizens if forcible integration is car- ‘ried out tomorrow in the f . a ‘ .. . ; ound three small children S°h°°ls 0f “"3 Lommumh“ ialonc in their apartment at “The inevitable conclusionqgw \- . , . V . . , therefore. must be that tiie;h;‘lfis‘ “pom 3" an” nc‘gh‘ CW“)- The me CthREOIZde ‘ . _. Y , complained that children states—Illinois. Iowa. lndiana, schools in Pulaski county. forwere throwing bcdclothing Michigan. and Wisconsin _1‘ (Picture on back page) Town Hall police yesterday with 22. 3 Illinois counted 14 traitici fatalities. one of which oe‘; curred in suburban Cookl herringbones, and muted stripes . .v . "the time meSv musabe oicrtvinlo the street from a window. had a toll of 63. late? mime 53’“ gang; The children. Kathleen There were a number of a 2::“ Gen 090Rl ‘ Jones. 3. and her brolllcrsumultiplc death tragedies on - ~ ~ Wesley. ‘2. and Brian. 1. were the highways since the start Earlier Faubus traced the . . . . . . ah t .V _ . . . history of race remth m: c“ ‘0 91 “men” OTPhan oi the “colt-end. In one of Arkansas and recounted that ’Negroes vote freely. attend by“ “an t“. I k. ‘ the university and other state than. s ‘ lo} sec mg supported. 5Ch°°1§ and are if“ Mrs. Jones told Juvenile Ot-- 1tegratcd in public Schools 0 “cm, Frank Cronin ‘hat hm. , {90”},m‘mmes “What: “ .mnjor husband. James. dcscrtcd hcr “W has had “9 “lemon three weeks ago. and that she One Schocilntemtes ,hnd entrusted the children to . Ozark. Ari-1, Sept. 2 Lit -——fthe landlady so that she could lThree Negroes registered andlvisit a sister. Cronin said the‘ Z 50. LA SALLE ST. it N0. WABASH AVE. gc. Li‘.‘t(‘l‘ lllCll‘ mother. BITS. their“ yesterday. five persons ictly Jones. 24. came to the were killed and four were in- jured when an auto swept? pasta stop sign near the lattended classes at Ozark Highllandlady told him she had flschool today for the first time. 3 taken the children back to ZlSupt. R. L. Graves said: “All the apartment after she felt‘ fill say is that things wentihlrs. Jones had overstayed her llsmoothly.“ absence. The children were. ll There are about 473 whitcslrcturned to Mrs. Jones. .____..————-————-—-——-——- l 100th ann save S250°. english worstt fall suits CHARGE OR BUDGET ACCOUNTS lNVl' imam HAILS .USEGFTRUUPS ; IN SEHBUL iiiiiti3 Atlanta. ‘Sept. 4 '.J.‘—Gov.‘ Marvin Griffin of Georgia to- day commended use of troops to prevent integration of the‘ Little Rock. Ark. Central High school and said he would have done the same thing. “I would like to extend my encouragement and apprecia- tion to the governor of the 'I‘igreat state of Arkansas." Grif- gifin told his news conference. Ile said that “one of the guar- antees of the Constitution of. the United States is the right of the people to bear arms and it has not been in- fringed." “The governor of Arkansas is the commander in chief of v 4.1 ltinitcd l'rcu 'f‘clcohoini ismen in front of Arkansas Gov. Faubus‘ mansion in Little Rock yester-i Elizabeth Eckford. Negro girl barred from Little Rock. Ark, itioneri there because of school integration strife. l/hmc‘iiltt‘d i‘im \\'ircr|hmn| ;sc‘noo] by national guardsmen. walks away as another girl jccrs. the military forces and pre- Goo. Faubus Comes from Deep in Hill Country of the m and He Seldom Goes AllvOut in Any Direction iiili‘iffifr‘l'oé‘Llltie“il’§§?£§f- \vill prevail—the governor of eral and later discontinticd.;h;i\‘e a hands-off attitudcim.e Simon“ oneflllmm-v “‘3' He said he had been on thetoward segregation when four (“I -”‘d“—'CS‘ pmuwlam on? [ Little Rock. Ark. Sept. 4 {3’} i—The man who ordered the national guard to stand watch ‘over Little Rock‘s Central High school comes from deep in the Ozark hills—a far re- moved land where a man might spend a lifetime with- out ever seeing a Negro. A touch of the twang of the mountains remains in the speech of Gov. Orval Fauhus, but he is far different from the average hill farmer to term he loves to use in de- _ fictibing hiinself1.'and he has i have in the 1957 legislature. but he Dakom' Go“ FanuS is Within; and the charge may . . ., his rights. worked to his advantage. signed them and said that the)‘: “No Enforced Integration" 'VWCI‘E more nodcrate than, Faubus defied another tra-Eihose passed by 0m“ 501M" - ‘ ~ diuon in 1956 when he re_iern states. 0n the other hand. ~ ( maiiicd only slightly above:he “mm?! 50 long m “ppm”! lukewarm on segregation and ‘lhe.mcm°°r$ of. We 5m“? 5°“; still “on without a runoff. ltiem‘gmy Commlfilon ma} he. is Significant that his majonit'as threatened With a suxt. opponent. former State Senu May Seek Third Term 1 Jim Johnson. sent a congrat- The commission. establishedi ulatory telegram to Faubus in March. held its first meet- ' after the governor testified on the day that the fed-i _’ ‘ two courts that there wouldieral District court ordered not. > be violence if integrationiintcrfercnce with integration were carried out in Littleiai Little Rock Central. ‘ Rock. Faubus insists that he' The group. composed of sev-‘ has not " sold out to the segre- eral state officials including ..__- gationists." the governor. several incur; fumbling speech-reader in his“; .bixrmfi‘f that msfi (“miluign boys Of the lcgm‘m‘m} ‘and': 1954 dark horse days m 21'“, remained fl'lilltltllC-Ol-UIC- three gubernatorial appointees. pronv {air orator. reader with this stock state-‘ivas granted broad investiga» Faubus is 47. under ai'ei-agein‘?,n‘.: . {11"0 Powers by “16 190! 9,91% height with a plain “we amt. 'llicre will be no enforcedIeral assembly to halt or hin- . . . 'lliiCflI‘flilon in the publicder desegregation. an engaging grin that con-.Hl 1 f Ak , H I a. . , I . r i vine“ voters of his smear“),st ion 5 o i ansas as, ong laubus has increased in sta-é. .. . . . He has a reputation of retribu-laS am your govemm‘ ‘9’” by qegrecs mt” Sm“ hel ' ” the me-lish-ee’ iii his telc-‘t. f ‘hi_ 1.1; a] me “.03 laubus had repeatedly at- first deeded—while he wa vision speech Monday night. ' 1°" 0‘ ‘5 W} ‘C l I ‘ bitacked Johnson as an cxtrem-president of the Greasy Creek' Seldom Goes All-Out ist. and said that integration 4-H club—that he would like iiis action in calling out the was a problem for local school to be governor. He has paid: ’ guard to prevent racial inte- 'i,ioards. [Last year he said heifer his own education and the'& c. v ndergone a startling meta-. i orphosis since he. opened -‘ lggggémmonal cam Gov. Faubus read: his orders 1 AD school [OWNER weekly to national guard at news con- newpaper publisher. and for-{crmfc- mer highway director. Fauhus seldom indulges in a gram-; matical slip but some metro-- politan folk cringe at a few of: his pronunciations—the same sounds that endear him to the common man in the Ozarks. He called the national guard' » Wu». land fulfilled promises for his supporters. Pushes New Tax Program gration at Central high was to numbers anion: hi5,would not interfere with Little lure that drew hint to Com-‘ somewhatstartling to political friends influential east :\i‘-'i‘.ock's gradual integration:monwealtli 27 years ago was observers since the governor'kansas business men and plant a promise that he could work seldom goes all-out in any di-;planters who are strong segre J l’aubus again seemed to for his tuition. rection. For three years. heigationists. but he appointed““""“* ‘ "‘“""”"—_"“ " has been pari'ying direct ques- ; Winthrop Rockefeller to head tions from newsmen with mean effective new program of Tribune Feafures . . i. . . . . Bv the Wiiv . . . . . . “Pave is Line 0‘ Tv )e or 'I'tvo.}"a"c 16 “cam”: Sk‘n‘ “9 ha'r‘ dc'lmdusmahzahon_a yank“ Crossword npunle Pant-SITV and liladiou Pt [p 4 VClOPCd from 3 5°metimesgwh: votgsh the “Repllbiman harm Diarv - fihp t'Todav with Women. .Part’t —————-—————tiC'etan a a ‘vro arm -. ‘ ‘ ' ' ".' “ - g -. g a» manager 5 8" llrama. mustc, inovies.l’art4_TowerTlckcr . . . . ..Ptt4.p.6 111mg-.. -11... ‘fl’m Th k _ a , . . How to Keep Well Paze 16'Your iloroscope...l’t.4.p.6 “l'ubtishrdda‘th "cm smelt,“ Tribune 0 50,“ Spo C” "m 0.1.x“)! lumblt‘ l’i " I) "Want Ads Part-t mix; Li; .\ Michiun as. ('hlsalo ii. went against an old political ‘ . ‘ ' ' ‘ ' ' ' ' " "' "’ ' ' ‘ ‘ ‘ ’ ' ' ‘ ‘ ' " Tnc Tiihum‘ mmnm. Duh: hm axiom early this year when he CARTOONS . “Hwy- wim-‘i-uiiw pushed a huge new tax nro- Aggie Mack l’t.‘.’.p.2 Moon Mullins . . . . . ..Spi.l """ "‘"m‘" mm. L'I‘am “W “10 it‘fs'tslii‘l‘r‘“ .-\ii in sport . . . . . . , . ..spi.:: ‘Yostli' .‘lnlarki‘ “HP-1:6 10 Tote} 5:31;; Fauhus. who as a boy _\\'aikcd hem“, gnu-r. _ _ _. pm. p.“ Nuts and Jolts , , . . .. Page ‘1 " on five mountainous miles to ncmm “pt-Lug (in Stage . . . . . . . ,.Pt.3.p.4 -iti.r‘-;r‘ilr‘i‘shi‘-li:it-zf school. insrsted that the money Dick Jrrqc‘, m .. 4,Orphan Annie. . . . .Pt. 5}. p.41 gt; ‘63:; 3:3; was needed for education and . ‘ ~ ' ' ' ' ' ‘ " 1" Peanuts . . . . . . , . ..ri.4.p.s :cmcctinm wim- Muimic ...,.ic....n Dozidi . . . . . . . . . . ..l’t.3.n.4 .. . . . -.. s .. . . . . i - i -- i ‘ campus only for a few daysanti-integration bills came up;Sent m ‘Mkansas from Aor‘h' - ...
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ch7_13 - "a. ,-;,,u- '15 un-u. nvmn. ' about ‘...

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