ch7_14 - ‘ _ @fifi m seEmaEH. .- eager, emfiifiem mm...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘ _ @fifi m seEmaEH. .- eager, emfiifiem mm happyfi when you start your young: scholars of? to . will you wonder if you ltdvc new This week . . . school for the first time . . ld to get them xcady for the savage done all you con have fewer doubts if you had world they face? You would read the recent story :1 the subjcc: by jean Beck, 1‘. was .2‘;‘ filled \vixl: frets and good counsel to help your euudrcn , . . t :11 and I'mn'ny. Eng prom: ms to :0. A111 the ~.. 6 its: selection of :ztcz'eimm 1:: m. so y 1: buy to best advaz‘. age. lTCTY you get so rmzcl: to help you get more 02:: {liv- "ibunc a regular par: 0 why not make reading 11:: "ll. l l lil'SS MURE news and feat MORE advertising MORE for yeur money -and more out of living! ago Baily G'rihune- Thursday, Sebh 12, 1957 egg/Om/(Mg f Yon-no.1! MR. FIX-IT The traditional first day rem were shed by Louis I S, as he watched his morher' leave for home. Time and solitude healed Louis‘ hurt feeiings, garten class at the new Garfield school. Mrs. Marvin Tugsle (left) brings Su sari. 4, and Mrs. Robert Groh accompanies Dawn, 4‘. ' (Story on page 3) Kindergarten reacher Miss Maxinoil-lammerschrnid hursr. helps Diane Sallee, 5. take of! her coat. Elmwood Pk. Sounds Seeks Train To 0 tin’ ’ i. 23.1. .- 4 a“ Railroad whistle toolin‘ hasimonth' 'th'e 't‘ommissi 'no adherents out in Elmwood=dcred that trains didm ipaf'k. Where the MHWRUkefi‘lo whistle at crossings [Road makes frequent runs. i ’cd by 3“ tom Mic. f 1 Village Manager llarold Augmesvandmeuke. :Olson said last week that the; .. ,- . _ . - . - . . . . ~ But the-1 blO“ a“ %Village wrll_ institute action;“.av ,, he “:6 "It. ‘ thefore the Illinois Commerce‘Th“ “‘b“! s I jcommission seeking to barihe, Cy 5”“ c "e ‘ . railroad from tooling its \\'3}"?Iarlcm 3"" the “’5‘ ‘ - 1mm mmwood park. :in lilmwond Park. and Causing Headache, 1Ellie horn all the way i “We have about 23.000 per-inme 1°"; mnz‘ ‘ :sons livmg here, many of: 0150“ “mu”? 3"” jwhom live near me tracks.”far° 50"“: COUSIdcra‘E 'Olson said. “And the whistles RCPYS working for th iare: causing quite a few head- road. inches." : » I‘olilc l-Izn'ly 015°“ poingd out um {"51 "Sometimes in me . _ ' "H ing. about 6 o‘vloc Strckney Zoning Board :irain‘ll give two shor‘ |\ Teachers, mothers, and children getting ac quainted before class begins are (from left) Mrs. LaVerne Gnden and he: rwin sons. Roger and Russell. 4; Miss Margery Klontz, a teacher: Wil- rm Sisson. 5: Principal Holmes Hamilton, and Gary Starck and his mother, Mrs. Herbert Starck. _ ,s.» Dawn ran thru a series of- . . . . moods as she reached the den Chairman Appomted coming m 31 “3710171. 5 cision that maybe kindergartenl Robert K_ Stuart of Slick- omcrhmr on” Imp-"I - .. . . i «van? in wake m -' -,,._ , 1,; And in t to 150 gatheICd to watch the Wednesday hours: Chicago 9:30 to 5:45, Hubbard {Negroes enter. Police said!_ Lac“ 1 éseveral teen~a er t d b AND MUTILATED BY goes at the assess 4| ' passing auto. lttbtragn Baily Eribunp iWednocday. September I. 1957: Tart 1—Pagc 6 .-» F* ‘ National guardsmen were iscHuuLnEHEs; d _ - G 0 N Birmingham. Ala, _Sept- 3 (.35 Sturgis last September in the , - -A Neg” t°1d POIICE tOdaY initial attempt at integrating ' {he was beaten and sexually pupils, That effort failed when . Imutilattid 1351 1118?th agf<311P!i{entuclty’s attorney general , of unmasked white men wholmled the Negroes were em .CHA STEl told him "this is What w‘n rolled illegally because the happen it Negroes try to inte- . grate the schools." county had failed to announce The Negro, Judge Aaron. 34' an integration program. Follows Court Order either segregationists or inte~ WW annOunced itwas 9°5t‘:bclicved about 300 would be: grationisti » ponmg scheduled high schoolistaymg at the hotels s . . . . . green, the: "I am taking the statement thSratIOn mthflnlteIY- ! Four hotels are accepting; . . is in Veterans hos ital in seri- seven, Neg” SWdents 3‘" t. ‘ . t0 Admlt Nine _ ‘o‘us condition. p Lered 111%? SCthl at Clinton. ' , ,‘ " - ' \r ‘ Police said Aaron was seized Tenn., Without 1incident. En- Ye -———-—-—-—-[Cominued from firs—t pager“, the home of a woman friend rollment of 12 hegro students ‘ and driven, blindfolded, to an there last year set on Labor . ., pleaded that-tithe board was abandoned house Where he day week'e‘td dimmers that “a: u making no ‘T'deviation or re.‘was knocked unconscious by a “Ought. “3mm” _ gualfidsmen- treat " when it asked Negro iblow on the head. When he re The c.1111 t 0 n_disorders_ last jersey students to stay awayfrom the gained consciousness, he had W33? resulted 11} the Wide}? white high school today. been mutilate¢ lpublicized conspiracy trials at flurry. ‘ “The combination of cir- Aaron has not been identi~ I<Y¥§Vflle- _ . l cumstances is drastic,” House tied with any‘ moves to Me 919 V“ “'9‘ 1m protest ‘ told the judge. "The board grate schools here and Negro ETOUPS at the Clinton'school Thanks to: will do what”ever your honor leaders of such moves saidltoday- PM? Of the INCETOGS; thinks fitting." they did not know him. lwalkfm 1039‘?" from “10’ .515“! °f fi“ “ Is that the sum and sub- -——-———---——“ ""”.“ “owns small D‘Cgm tailcmm! x-ou hand \\ stance. of your position?" Once they surrounded L. c.!‘° “‘9 “W‘- A my WW! ' Davies asked the attorney. Bates, a Negro publisher..f ca}. “fwd guard near the “31"; 5°“ I'm” "lIitdis, your honor,” House who appeared outside tlici “no? simch rep 9 - - school and asked him what he ' ' DaVies then TeVie‘VEd P0“ was doing th ere. BatcngLS TAKE drape that $33: {disgéilfziiz‘ta‘é‘ quippw‘ 'i F1 RS T NEGRO 5 may i: x z u - - ~ l‘ttlc - SecktoBlockViolenceb c0101? 3”“ adding a I 1 IN LOUISVILLE W W, He noted that the oovernor .' . Louisville. Sept. 3 Lb—Lou- ' " said the troops had. beZn called Mighb‘" .Cnmls ,Ph“. fisville hotels today openedl fan of pen Ont t0 Surround the SChoql In North L‘me 3°C!“ 2‘ myithcir doors to a large number only to prevent violence and Of abOUt_50-0°° across the Ar'gof Negro guests for the first. 91m" By property damage and not as “"1535 river. the “11001 deEtimc. A Negro pastor said he; stunning C( black. 10 it 0f the governor at full face In three Other SOUthemlas guests Negroes here to at- .i value," Davies said. towns, the Supreme court‘Sitcnd the annual session of the5' Ii y'ou can't I come in, call RA 6- % Hethenordered the boardto public school integration dc-gijoml Baptist conventionfwd-Money. 2nd floor; ‘ also Hubbard \t" iproceed with racial mixing. cree was carried out peace-iv. s_ A" 1m; j mus, A, sranzxs a; co..‘ 1 The session lasted only fully. altho there were! Managers declined to csti-j :aboutSminutes.No one spoke minor demonstrations in twoimaté the number of comm: . lexcept House and Davies. |{oi them. Etion delegates that registered." Do you.have amdes y.ou no longer 1 The new order to proceed; Negro and while childrcnibut they agreed it was the “1359 “mg8 where fl‘eyndo “"3 mos! I‘Vith .integration “735 Vthe SC?-§aitendcd llic same publicéfirst Lime downtown hotels JOY Brown's feature column. "A Ffll 30nd issued by Danes thiszschooi classes in Gl'CCnSbOl‘Ouhcre had accepted Negroes inf the Chicago Tribune. 3 week. C.. for ihe first time. Five;1arge numbers ' l : Several OffiCials 0f the Nfl-iNcuro children entered the; ‘ tional Association for the Ad-iGillcspic elementary and jun-| _ . _Z vancement of Colored Peopleiior high schools there. Chieil NE‘ Were in the federal courtroom i of 'Police Paul Calhoun escort-5 T . tonight. They smiled andicd hocklcrs off the schooli ‘ - i posed for photographers aftcrigrounds. The five Negroes! _ the decision. {ranging in age from 10 to 16.; . Local segregation leadersiwere heckled again as they; ; who had appeared last weekEleft the school auditorium for. /‘.. s 1in the courtroom when Davicsi classrooms. A half dozen (.1 ~/ 'firSt ordered integration toiwhite adults followed the chil- . proceed. apparently ignoredidrcn as they crossed an over- tonight‘s’ hearing. ihead passageway between the iarcas. Calhoun broke up this 5; demonstration. ; 1 in Sturgis. K32. scene of in-. itegraiion disorders last Shep; ...
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ch7_14 - ‘ _ @fifi m seEmaEH. .- eager, emfiifiem mm...

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