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Unformatted text preview: l ' Nicholas Nicholas Meets RichardRichahZi ASKSIKEIUAGT MMSAS Fauhus Defying Court, Message Declares ;* BY RICHARD PHILBRICK ‘ {Chlmo Tribune Press Servlcel Detroit, Sept. 5—Delegates' attending the annual confer- ence of the National Urban ‘ league here sent a' message to . President Eisenhower today ’2 asking him to use his author-‘ ity promptly to end what was termed defiance of a federall court by Gov. Orval Faubus of . . Arkansas. - After expressing concern over school integration trou- add z°°‘ bles in Little Rock, the mes- , . sage said; I A new dik dik will go on “What is now involved isldisplay at the Brookfield 200. the question'as to whether a The animal: named NiChOIaS state’s chief executive can use his state’s armed force, or other authority, to defy the federal government and the laws protecting the security and freedom of the American people. This issue is- so clear that we are confident that the administration will promptly bring all its authority into; play.” ' Granger Signs, Message The message was approved' this morning by the delegates. it was- signed by Lester B. Granger, the league’s execu- tive director. A copy was sent to the United States attorney general. After. the message was ap- proved. Edwin Dunaway of Little Rock, a former justice. of the Arkansas Supreme court, told conference dele- gates, “ if you have any in- fluence on President Eisen- hower, get him to stop play- ing golf long enough to do something about the situa- tion." , Dunaway declared most Ar-z Avoids Crowd at Front Entrance Winston-Salem, N. C., Sept. 5 (In—A Negro girl, 15, using a rear entrance to Reynolds High school, avoided a crowd; of white students awaiting her arrival today and entered the school auditorium with- out incident. The girl, Gwendolyn' Yvonne Bailey, used a pedes- trian tunnel, constructed for students under a street at the rear of the school. She \vasl reportedly accompanied by' her mother when she arrived about 10:30 a. m. . An 11th grade student, Shel and her white schoolmates‘ were given orientation in the; kansas residents want to bel law abiding citizens, the theyl don‘t like the United States Supreme court decision de- segregating public schools.| Had the governor not chosen an unconstitutional course of1 action, there would have been juvenile delinquency. Because 0 showing that a disproportion-i ately large number of minori-v ty group youngsters are among the youth involved in minorities live in areas of economic .and emotional pov- erty the disproportion is in- evitable, it- asserted. no trouble, Dunaway said. Reports of the withdrawal- of Community Fund or Com. munity Chest aid from league units in New Orleans, Jack- At t h e banquet tonight, Robert W, Dowling, president; of the City Investing company, New York City, a former pres- sonville, Fla, Forth Worth, idth of the leasyc and a trus- and Richmond, Va” and at.,tee of the American Heritage tempts to do so in other citieslffimndam“: Presented a Spe'l cral foundation award to the stirred delegates to ex rcssi _ fears for thecentire fedeSatedlleague for “that was dCSCrlbed as outstanding public service fund raising movement. Yourself, and Vote program. The league's 1958 conven-l Male dik dik, Nicholas Nicholas (left), gets acquainted with R hard Richard in Brook- Nicholas, was brought to the zoo as a mate for a female dik dik known as Richard Richard. PupilEets in School by Back Door and her mother waited for most of the white students to leave the building, then walked to her classroom. There was no disturbance. A crowd of students, esti- mated by one source at about 500, had gathered in front of the~school, expecting her to arrive in that vicinity. Painted signs such as “ Go ,Home " had been scrawled on the sidewalk in front of the school during the night. . * Officials last night removed a life-size dummy of a Negro hanged in effigy on the Reyn- olds school flagpole here. Winston-Salem becomes the third North Carolina city in as many days to enroll Negroes in previously all-white public schools. lauditorium. Afterward shel Police held five teen-agers WHITE; NEGRO i— School superintendent, blamed v ., .- : ‘ I tension growing out of the YOUTHS FIGHT ININDIANAPOLIS Indianapolis, Sept. 5 (Ah-— Five youths and a 41 year old white man were beaten in three separate street fights after the Indianapolis high school football jamboree last night. Police reports said Negroes attacked white youths in each instance. ' There were no arrests and police obtained only sketchy descriptions of the attackers. Dr. Herman B.’ Shibler, & .. [TRIBUNE Photo) Dik diks are small African antelopes. When full grown, they are only a foot high. in Charlotte last night after the dummy of a Negro girl was hanged on the flagpole at Harding High school. Two Negroes entered two white schools in Charlotte yesterday amid taunts. Jeers turned to tossed pebbles and spittle as a third Negro stu- dent, Dorothy Geraldine Counts, 15, left Harding High ,school. She turned her back 'and walked away, patently self-composed. But things ran smoothly to- day as three other Negroes reported at Charlotte schools, two attending for the second day. Greensboro yesterday re- a white school. 'the football jamboree, paired for one quarter of .play. 'Woman Rent Collector Is Robbed of $4,000 Milwaukee, Sept. 5 (kl—Mrs Shirley Thomas, 25, a ren ,she bent to enter a cab. in the 1956 Register, InformI STORE HOURS, 10:00 To 5:30 , MONDAYS 10:00 To 7‘.Oo W ported no incidents as a sixth ’, A , Negro enrolled for classes in 5 ' Little Rock integration fight. . lThere were no disorders at 3 in . v ‘ ‘ which eight high schools are .l- 5collector, told police a man} snatched an envelope contain- " ing $4,000 from her 'today as '_ NEBROPUPILS ATTEND cuss; - N0 VIDLENGE Sturgis, Ky., Sept. 5 UP)— . Another Negro today joined the 17 already attending classes at Sturgis High school " in the third day of nonvio- lence integration. There were catcalls and a drove up in private, cars. A group of about 50 stood qui- « etly across the street when the Negroes walked to the . entrance. The only loud jeer came path thru the jammed en- tranceway. Many white stu- dents refused to move from the steps until prodded by troopers. ' Ask School Boycott School officials said 245 groes, réported for classes this morning. This was a de- cline of six from yesterday, The Union County White Citizens council has indicated a possible white boycott of the school where 17 Negroes enrolled Tuesday. Since the Negroes enrolled T u e s d a y, relatively orderly to protest integration. Trouble Last Year by state police, but the dis- turbances were not compara- ble to those which resulted in here last year. That conflict ended when the state attorney general ruled eight Negro pupils had enrolled illegally because the county school board hadn’t when state police cleared a' students, including the Ne» crowds -— under the eye of , state troopers—have formed . Four persons in the crowd 5 of 100 were arrested yesterday 3 national guardsmen being sent . ! U admitted and woul- h}. a 1' E oh‘ 18 P - Sparatzn ‘ ggéggglfi :éif‘éagifil. £22517? } * Stratfordhadbeen deniedlast'HOOSIER WINS AT AHLINGTUNi "_ ! .mmh' MISS AMERICA Virginia Law Cited by, School Principal Easton,Md., Sept. S‘W—Po- mm" °" 5”" P‘") lice arrested three persons to- _Aflant.i° City, SePt- 5 m :— day in mild demonstrations Miss Indiana and Miss Georgia which accompanied the open. walked Off With the honors t0- ing of Talbot county schools, night in the second of three integrated for the second year. preliminary competitions ofl Arlington, Va; Sept. 5 ,(M— .. ._ IEight Negro pupils were; " , turned away from four a11-= l white Arlington county schoolsj today. White pupils stood watch» ing curiously as the Negro applicants walked to the prin- cipals’ offices at Stratford lJunior High school, Washing: lton-Lee High, Thomas Jeffer- ison Junior High, and Swanson l J unior,High. ‘ The proposed enrollment of! the Negroes had been re- ported in advance and the principals had been told they should not be admitted under Virginia’s pupil assignment law. That law has been held unconstitutional by a federal District court, but an appeal is pending. Require Application Forms Under the Virginia law placement application forms signed by parents are re- quired when a pupil moves from one school to another even thru promotion, or en- ters a school for the first time. The Arlington school board sends all such requests to the state pupil placement board for review. White women accompanied Thomas Jefferson. Two Negro sisters were accompanied by the applicants at Stratford and}the three Negroes to the office children and great-grandchil- tered two schools in this east- ern shore community unmo- lested and four others went to the elementary school at nearby Oxford. MRS. DARRILYN picks Police said about 30 mem- - bers of the anti-integration HOHYWOOd, Sept- 5 (Kl-PIO- Talbot County citizens associa- ducer Darryl ZaflUCk’S daugh- tion showed up for the open- ler. Darrilyn, 27, Said t0d3Y-ing of Easton primary school she and her husband, Robert where seven Negroes were en. Jacks, have separated. Jacks mne¢ is a producer who has worked Francis Berry, 3 member of with his father-in-Iaw. the group, was arrested on a “The two have been married charge of conspiracy to incite eight years and have six chil- and disorderly conduct, dren, two adopted. He was carrying a sign I FEZEHY do“ know 115'” t0 which read,’ “ Keep our white explain it,” Mrs. Jacks said. “I schools all White." think maybe it was getting Hold woman picket maimed t°.° Vogue and havjng Lester Chance, 39, a farmer, 1031316800 fast. was charged with disorderly conduct after police said he used profane language. There were no speeches, in- sults or attempts to prevent the Negro youngsters from en- tering the school. At the Easton elementary, about a half a mile away, one Negro attended class with whites. A woman picket, Mrs. O. N. Andrew was arrested on disorderly conduct charges af- [linilcd Press Photo] their father at Washington- Lee. Led by White Woman Mrs. A. J. E. Davis, white, drove up to Stratford with Leslie Hamm Jr., 11; George Tyrone Nelson, 14, and Joyce Bailey, 14. About 250 white pupils grouped about the school en- trance. Two uniformed police-I men and three plainclothes-Jter' ignoring police orders to men stood by. put away a placard which Mrs. Davis, trembling, led read, “If we want our grand- of Claude Richmond, principal. dren to be all white, let’s keep Richmond said they could our schools all white.” Eight Negro Children 611' the Miss America pageant. Gloria Ruth Rupprecht, 19, a sophomore at Valparaiso [1nd,] university, won the tal- ent competition with her" im- pression of a singer making her first appearance before an audience. The swim suitwin- ner was Jody Elizabeth Shat- tuck, 20, of Atlanta, Ga. Fifty-one girls are seeking the title of Miss America 1958 and vied. for points in the sec- ond round of the beauty and talent competition. The field was divided into three groups of 17 girls each for talent, swim suit, and evening gown competition. Winner of the evening gown- competition is never announced. Alcatraz ‘Brain’ Gets 10 Years in Prison Danville, 111., Sept. 5 U?)— Federal Judge Casper Platt has sentenced Cecil Wright, 49, so-called “brain of Al- catraz,” to 10 years in a fed- eral prison for burglarizing postoffices in Trilla, Hinds- boro, and Ashmore. Wright, a native of Charleston, got his “ brain " label by studying law while imprisoned in AlcatraZ', and winning freedom. ...
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ch7_16 - l ' Nicholas Nicholas Meets RichardRichahZi...

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