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ARE 157 ANALYSIS FOR PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Homework 1, due Monday, Jan. 25th, in class Winter 2010 M.Whitney 1. (14) Magnum Products packages lawn fertilizer for sale to local garden stores. Each bag is labeled as containing 20 pounds. In orderto ensure that no customers are shorted, the ftrm requires that each bag contains at least 20 Ibs., with a target of20.1 Ibs. and an upper limit of20.2 Ibs. The ftrm operates two packaging machines, and wishes to check whether they are performing satisfactorily. A sample from each is taken, with the following results: Machine A Machine B 2 bags contained 20.01 1 bag contained 20.04 3 bags contained 20.04 2 bags contained 20.05 4 bags contained 20.06 3 bags contained 20.07 6 bags contained 20.10 5 bags contained 20.10 4 bags contained 20.13 6 boxes contained 20.12 1 bag contained 20.17 3 boxes contained 20.14 a. (1) After looking at the 2 samples above, one employee concluded that both machines are operating satisfactorily, since none ofthe sampled bags were out oftolerance. Explain why this is not a satisfactory criterion for quality control purposes. . b. (8) Find the mean and sample standard deviation ofeach sample. What are the lightest and heaviest bags that are expected to occur for each machine, assuming a normal distribution? c. (5) Is the packaging process capable
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are157-homework-1 - A RE 157 ANALYSIS FOR PRODUCTION...

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