Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - Chapter 28 Protists CQ Which of the following...

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Chapter 28 – Protists CQ - Which of the following best describes most members of the kingdom Protista? - They are single celled and eukaryotic Concept 28.1: Most eukaryotes are single-celled organisms - Protists are more diverse than all other eukaryotes --- No longer considered a single kingdom - Mostly unicellular, but some colonial and multicellular forms Protists are nutritionally diverse - Photoautotrophs --- contain chloroplasts, photosynthesize - Heterotrophs ---absorb organic molecules or ingest larger particles - Mixotrophs --- combine photosynthesis and heterotrophic Endosymbiosis in Eukaryotic Evolution - Much protest diversity has its origin in endosymbiosis - Plastid-bearing lineage evolved into red & green algae - Both underwent secondary endosymbiosis - Figure 28.2 CQ – which of the following would be a key indentifying characteristic of a plastid that is the result of secondary endosymbiosis? --- four membranes Motility in Protists - Flagellates: move by 1 or more flagellae - Ciliates: move by coordinated movement of cilia - Amoebae: move by means of pseudopodia - Figure 28.7 Sexual Reproduction in Protists – figure 28.10 , 28.16 - Protists have a wide variety of life histories
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--- zygotic life cycle: haploid cells transform iinto gametes, gametes fuse to form zygotes (ex. Plasmodium, which causes malaria) Alternation of generations: produce 2 types of muticellular organisms (n and 2n); many algae and all land plants Ciliate sexual reproduction – figure 28.11 - Ciliate have 2 nuclei in their cell - Macronucleus - use for reproduction
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Chapter 28 - Chapter 28 Protists CQ Which of the following...

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