Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - Chapter 31 Fungi Concept 31.1 Fungi are...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 31: Fungi Concept 31.1: Fungi are heterotrophs that feed by absorption. Fungal Nutrition and Lifestyles- Fungi are heterotrophs, but do not ingest their food--- secrete exoenzymes into their surroundings that break down complex molecules---absorb smaller organic molecules- Fungi exhibit diverse lifestyles--- decomposers, a.k.a., saprotrophs--- parasites---mutualistic symbionts Body Structure - fig 31.2- The morphology of multicellular fungi enhances absorption of nutrients- Fungi consist of hyphae that are grouped together into mycelia- Most fungi have cell walls made of chitin- Some fungi have hyphae divided into cells by septa, with pores allowing cell-to-cell movement of materials- Coenocytic fungi lack septa – No cell wall separating the nuclei- fig 31.3 CQ Which of the following is a job not performed by any fungi? -- Producer Jobs = decomposer , parasite, predator Specialized Hyphae- Some fungi have hyphae that allow them to capture animals and penetrate the tissues of their hosts- Mycorrhizae are mutualisms between fungi and plant host--- ectomycorrhizae – surrounds rot cells---endomycorrhizae – extends hyphae through root-cell wall Fig 31.4 C oncept 31.2: Fungi produce spores through sexual or asexual life cycles Generalized Fungi Life Cycle – Fig 31.5 Sexual Reproduction- The sexual life cycle involves...
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Chapter 31 - Chapter 31 Fungi Concept 31.1 Fungi are...

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