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ARE 106 Econometrics Homework 2 Winter 2010 A. Havenner Eight problems on two pages. Computer Problems: The intent here is to get you to look around in Gretl in the context of a particular dataset andjust generally become familiar with it by clicking various tabs and seeing what you get. Create a Word document to post various results into as you do the exercises below, and then print it and tum it in with your name clearly written on top so we can get an accurate gradesheet going. (Your student number is not necessary.) 1. The data file data2-3 contains data on U.S. unemployment, the CPI and its associated inflation rate, and wage growth. (i) Use "DatalRead info" to see what these data are. Copy and paste this information into your results document (for Windows, select text with the mouse then use CTRL C to copy). (ii) Is this a time series dataset or a cross section dataset? (iii) Use "Data/Select all" combined with "View/Summary statistics" to obtain descriptive statistics for this sample and paste it into your results document. On the printed output, prominently mark and label the mean and standard deviation of the inflation rate. What is the variance of the inflation rate? What is its coefficient of variation? Why does the coefficient of variation use the standard deviation rather than the variance? What is the definitionofthe coefficient ofvariation(see the text) and why might we calculate it (very briefly)?
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are106-homework-2 - Econometrics Homework 2 A RE 106 Eight...

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