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ARE 106 Econometrics Homework 3 Winter 2010 A. Havenner Computer Problems: In your analysis of the questions that follow, paste the Gretl output such as summary statistics, OLS regression results, and any tables or plots into your editable output file, leaving room to write in any analysis requested by the questions. (It is easy to type in sentences without Greek symbols; it is usually easier to leave room to write in neatly by hand certain mathematical results.) In your work below, you will have to ignore the statistics that have not yet been discussed which Gretl automatically calculates and reports at the bottom of the OLS results. 1. Data 3-2 contains observations on aggregate personal income and expenditures on health care in 1993. See DatalRead info for the specific details. Open this dataset by selecting File/Open data/Sample file, double click data3-2 Income and health care spending. [4] a. Is this dataset time series or cross section data? Why, very briefly? Obtain the summary statistics for the health care expenditures and income and write a single sentence for each reporting the mean and standard deviation. Be sure to identify the units in which each of these is measured.
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are106-homework-3 - Econometrics Homework 3 ARE 106...

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