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are106-homework-6 - Econometrics Homework 6 A RE 106 Eight...

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ARE 106 Eight questions on one page. Econometrics Homework 6 Winter 2010 A. Havenner Data7-2 contains information on salaries and employment characteristics of 49 employees in a specific company. Use this dataset to answer the following questions. For grading sanity, please run and report your regressions with the variables in the order they are listed in the dataset. When testing hypotheses always explicitly state the null and alternate hypotheses, the algebraic test statistic, its distribution, and its sample value, and draw a plain language but precise conclusion. See the handout Reporting Hypothesis Tests for examples. To do this assignment you will need to create an additional dummy variable named PROF repre- senting the category of professional workers. Use the Variable / Define New Variable tab to create a variable that is neither clerical nor maintenance nor crafts: PROF = ! (CLERICAL II MAINT II CRAFTS) List the data to be sure you did it correctly. Note that Gretl uses the symbol !
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