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Chapter 6 managerial - is setting a goal for which they...

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Chapter 6 Joe Wanderi Dave Lambert Christopher Burnett 6-32 The purchasing department should bear the cost for this because it is their job to get the piece there no matter what the problem, even if it is the shipping companies problem. They should still bear the cost. As a purchasing agent, it isn’t actually fair that it is charged to your department, first of all because you did everything you possibly could do to make sure it got there on time, but its fair in the sense that the production planning had absolutely nothing to do with it, so the only person who is technically responsible is the purchasing agent. Life is not fair as they say. 6-39 1. No they are not challenging because they have already been completed and management
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Unformatted text preview: is setting a goal for which they know they can achieve. 2. Wert picked these particular standards because he wanted to make sure that he looked good to the upper management, if he could say that he kept meeting what he set then he would have no problem every year and his company would look great. 3. The upper management can make sure that he is setting goals by using more than just numbers from previous years but also specific calculations, industry averages, and competitor averages. By doing this his numbers would have to be drastically different from what they are now. Overall this would be the best way to make sure that his averages are fair and up to par....
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