After choosing the Country Greece delive 3

After choosing the Country Greece delive 3 - After choosing...

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After choosing the Country Greece, we then began to thoroughly look through each aspect of the social, technological, ethical, and economical status of the country. After doing the in depth research we realized that Greece would indeed be a good country to start up our business. But we have also realized that there are many potential problems that could happen with this. Each one of these problems will be listed below in each section to show exactly what obstacles we are facing. The first aspect of Greece that we looked at was the Political Economy. We checked many different parts of the Political economy and realized that Greece does have good laws, based on rights and freedoms, they also have private property laws, and in this way we will not have to worry about the government interfering with our business too much. We also looked up the corruption index as well as the economic freedom index. Both of these were something that we might possibly have to worry about. The corruption in Greece seemed to be at a higher level than more of the developed countries in Europe. But
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