What do you think of when u think of Greece intro and conclusion

What do you think of when u think of Greece intro and conclusion

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What do you think of when u think of Greece? The ancient greek ruins? Spartans? The invention of democracy?. .. well what about Potbellys Sandwich Shop? After doing research about Greece we have realized that It would be a great edition to Potbellys already 200 stores to move to Athens Greece. Athens Greece has almost 1 million people living in the city, and 16 million people per year at least set foot in Athens either to leave to go to another city or to stay and be a tourist in Athens. This will give potbellys a huge advantage because of our abilty to capture not only the locals but also the tourists. Now im going to have Matt talk to you about some of the cultural differences that we will have to account for. Conclusion After all of this, you may think why go to Greece? They are in terrible financial trouble and it would be
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Unformatted text preview: suicide to go there! But would it? Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, it has survived every world crisis only to come out better than it was. It has 16 million tourists go through Athens every year and many of them are American, by having a great restaurant that appeals to Greeks as well as tourists we can make a substantial profit and continue to grow that profit through the years. Greece is in the EU and still will come out alright after all of this debt crisis has disappeared. It has happened before, and Greece has come out on top. Our business plan will work out, and our restaurant will be successful....
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