CHEM2412ElectrophilicAromaticSubstitution Syn Problems

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CHEM 2412 Complete the following syntheses: 1. Synthesize ortho -bromonitrobenzene from benzene. 2. Synthesize meta -bromonitrobenzene from benzene. 3. Synthesize ortho -chlorolbenzaldehyde from benzene. 4. Synthesize meta -chlorobenzaldehyde from benzene. 5. Synthesize ortho -iodoacetophenone from benzene and ethanol. 6. Synthesize meta -iodoacetophenone from benzene and ethanol. 7. Synthesize 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene from benzene and chloromethane (BE CAREFUL!!).
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Synthesize n-butylbenzene from benzene and 1-butanol. 9. Synthesize [1-methylpropyl]benzene from benzene and 1-butanol. 10. Synthesize ortho-bromoethylbenzene from benzene and ethanol. 11. Synthesize ortho-bromoaniline from benzene. 12. Synthesize meta-bromoaniline from benzene 13. Synthesize ortho-ethylphenol from benzene and chloroethane. 14. Synthesize meta-ethylphenol from benzene and chloroethane....
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