Biol 121 Review - Lec 18 Prophages, bacteriophage...

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Lec 18 Prophages, bacteriophage Difference between lamda and T4 (T4 is lytic, intemperate, Lambda is lysogenic)(double stranded DNA linear) T4 lifecycle: Adsorption+penetration, early mRNA synthesis, DNA replication, Late mRNA synthesis, Two type genome replic, rolling circle replication, Concatemerization, Lambda: 3 types of replication, typical linear concatemerization, rolling circle, Theta replication (like bacterial replication, Ori site, bidirectional Lytic v.s Lysogenic cycle Know Cl1,Cl2, Cl3, Cro Know Hemolysin (what kind of toxin, type 1) Shiga toxin (Type 2) Know type 1 secretion system, know type 3 secretion system Signature tagged mutagenesis!!! Know what sulfa drug does ( after metabolism, PABA analog, Prevent PABA from converting to folic acid) Know Kirby-Bauer test!! ( test for sensitivity of an organism to antibiotic, plate of lawn, Need to know examples of types of antibiotics Cell wall: penicillin, cycloserine, vancomycin, bactracin DNA: quinolones, nalidixic acid, ciprofloxacin, novabiocin, Sulfa drugs (sulfonamides,
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Biol 121 Review - Lec 18 Prophages, bacteriophage...

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