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W1L1 - Phylogeny and ToL

W1L1 - Phylogeny and ToL - Biol 5B Organismal Biology Biol...

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1 Biol 5B: Organismal Biology Spring ’09 WEEK 1; Lecture 1 Introductions & Phylogeny and the Tree of Life Biol 5B: Professors Dr Helen M Regan 3358 Spieth Hall Dr Kimberly A Hammond 3318 Spieth Hall Students needing to add Option 1 - students who have never received a grade in the course OR who wish to repeat 05B for the FIRST time: Before 4:00 PM MONDAY, 3/30 : Go to Bio. Sci. Grad. Student Affairs Center in 1140 Batchelor Hall to enroll in lecture and a lab section with available space. Hours are limited to 10:00 AM – NOON and 1:00 - 4:00 PM. All students who arrive before 4:00 PM will be accommodated. Option 2 - students wishing to enroll via University Extension: After 3pm on FRIDAY 4/3: see Dr. Oross for admission to labs that have space available. Course materials Text book: Biology, Campbell & Reece, 8 th edition. www.ilearn.ucr.edu Syllabus Lecture Notes Lab Handouts Important Information
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2 Labs • Dr. John Oross - Academic Coordinator • Part of Bio 5B • Start this week! • The lab manual is online (under the “Labs” tab on the Bio 5B ilearn website) • READ LAB NUMBER 1 (Protists) Exams • 1 Midterm – Evening exam 7.30pm – 9pm May 4 th 2009 – For course conflicts present (in person): • Student name, SID, name of Biol 005B lab TA, and the name of the course in conflict • Final Exam – June 10 th 2009 11.30am – 2.30am – Cumulative exam with emphasis on new material Quizzes • Purchase a CLICKER; bring to each class • Register your clicker # BEFORE FRIDAY 04/03 at http://clickers.ucr.edu/clicker/login • Total quiz points = 20 • 2 points for each correct answer • 1 point for each incorrect answer; 0 for no-shows • If you get 40% of points (i.e. 8 points) then you receive total points (i.e. 20 pts) • No make-ups on quizzes under any circumstances • Please don’t ask when the quizzes will be – we won’t tell!
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W1L1 - Phylogeny and ToL - Biol 5B Organismal Biology Biol...

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