Glycolysis3 - PEP ADP ====>pyrubate ATP by pyruvate...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Glycolysis (1) G===>G6P-->F6P====>F16BP-->GA3P+DHAP hexokinase phosphohexose isomerase Phosphofruktokinase-1 aldolase ----------------------------- DHAP-->GA3P by triose phosphate isomerase GA3P+NAD+-->1,3BPG + NADH + H+ by phosphoglycerate Kinase 1,3BPG+ADP--3PG+ATP BY phosphoglycerate Kinase 3PG-->2PG by phosphoglycerate mutase 2PG LOSS OF WATER --> PEP by enolase
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Unformatted text preview: PEP + ADP ====>pyrubate + ATP by pyruvate kinase-------------------------------------------G->G6P->F6P->F16BP->GA3P+DHAP->13BPG->3PG->2PG->PEP->PYRUVATE pyruvate-->lactic acid + CO2 no oxygen by lactate DH Pyruvate-->Ethnol+ CO2 NO OXYGEN by pyruvate DC AND DH--------------------------------------------------------...
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