review final 6-2

review final 6-2 - World war II changes fight against the...

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World war II changes fight against the Japanese. Japanese Americans fight * america could no longer deny that they are racists. the biggest example is they are interned. Munsun report showed they were not spies but they were interned. The Germans and Italians that were actually spies but not interned. Plus, Hawaii Japanese weren't interned. what happens after WWII? improved? Nazis were racists. It would be contradiction if they themselves were racists. after WWII, asians were not bared from coming to US. PPl are much more cultrually pluristic. they are interacting with one another. Truman's Apology. 440 second regimen? Novel Do not summarize the book. Make an argument and use the book as an example. basically it follows the life of carlos. Push factor so bad he had to come to California. Filipinos life were terrible. descrimitory, hard, unfair. then example: brother in jail, he was living better than outside. He never had continuous jobs.hard life. did carlos have the intention of aemrican dream but not sucessful? bc skin color, he did internal colonialism. he worked hard for each jobs. bc it is a crime to be a filipino in america. carlos takes up gambling. how he makes up gambling. He was chearting. He was really against it. He is ashamed of it. He was following the rules but not successful, then he started chearting. ppl of color. what is getting paid under the table. who works under the table?Asians Why did u get paid under the table? u get paid less than normal. Carlos had no choice. The american rules did not allow him to success. not bc they don't want to a legitamate job but bc they can't. He was not into the vices. was raped
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review final 6-2 - World war II changes fight against the...

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