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Osawa- - After wwII IS REALLY the shift of asian American...

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Osawa (denied, )) Thind(1933, Why we keep calling them Asian indians. How did they go from caucasion to Asian They (How is race constructed? Its not fixed. Test queston?) Important theme of Japanese history? Internment! Why is it significant? b/c pearl harbor Then 911. b/c it’s penacle of racism. Munsun report says no legitimate reason. Why concentration camp? Japs not happy abt the name Hawlacost? It really characterized racism Order 9066: evacuation order. Whats the significance? It called the loyalty of Japanese Americans. Why else this happen? We didn’t know the spys are? Economic threat. They are buying off lands. They were occupying the best lands. But in reality, they had the worst lands. Political hysteria is another reason. Oh,crap what’s next? Scared. Fear motivates irrational actions. Germans/Italians were convicted. Japnese did not convit, not a single.
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Unformatted text preview: After wwII, IS REALLY the shift of asian American experience. ( Immigration laws open door to rest of world White men go to war, women, and other stay home. Job oppporutinitsy open up for them. Are they gna be tolerable to previous conditions? Ethnic minorities really free? Why chaged view? Chinatown, they are more mixing now. After war war II. Things are mxing. Construction racism asian indian, post WWII cultural diversity, internment How did the asian American try to improve their situation, voice discontent, ? Newspaper. Organized into labor unions, challenged legislation core cases, strikes. Internal colonism characterizes asian American experience. Why? How? National movements. Gain independence from Britain. Why they need to gain independence? They believe their inferior tx comes from home-country....
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