ETST 005-individual report

ETST 005-individual report - Why the Filipinos came to...

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Pu Li 1 Pu Li Hong / Chen ETST 005 May 17 th , 2009 Filipino Americans Individual Report In this Project, we first looked for the Timeline of events for Filipinos Americans dated before 1950. Then we had general discussions about the Filipino Americans. We came up with some different topics and we’ve chosen six from them. They are Push and Pull factors of Filipino migration, Spanish war, American Period and insurrection, Filipinos in Hawaii, Filipino Religion, Hare Haws, Tyding-Mcduffie Act and other Acts, and Filipino self identity. Each person was assigned with a different topic. I was assigned with Filipinos in Hawaii. I started out with looking for resources. I’ve found a couple of online resources, two book resources I borrowed from the library, and the textbooks. I read some of them and had a general idea about what I’m going to write/talk about. I came up with several points that I’ll go over. 1. The significance of Filipinos in Hawaii. 2. The setting before the Filipinos arrival in Hawaii. 3.
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Unformatted text preview: Why the Filipinos came to Hawaii. 4. What their lives were like in Hawaii. With this outline, I developed more details under each point. And of course the details come from the resources Pu Li 2 I’ve found. In fact I only used two of the resources and it was enough information. I also found some pictures of Filipino cane workers that I used them in my poster. Overall, I liked working with my group members. Everybody contributed their parts to the whole project. Ernie especially did extra work for the group. I will give everyone in my group an A. If I can, I will give Ernie an A+. What we can do to improve our project? If we can have more time to practice, it’ll be better. It was very helpful to have small assignments throughout the quarter. It kept us moving and prevented procrastination. Robert Nguyen : A Ernie Lin: A Tom Brown: A Tiffany Woo: A James Wong: A Pu Li: A...
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ETST 005-individual report - Why the Filipinos came to...

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