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Filipino in Hawaii - Filipino Americans in Hawaii According...

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Filipino Americans in Hawaii According to the annual report of the governor of Hawaii for the year ended June 30, 1929, in the ten years from 1919 to 1929 the proportion of all groups relatively decreased except the Caucasians and Filipinos. The proportion of Filipinos increased more than one half (Lasker 311). It is significant for us to realize the importance of the Filipino immigrants in Hawaii and take a look at how they got here, why they left their homes in the Philippines, and what their new lives were like in Hawaii. First let’s look at Hawaii before the arrival of the Filipinos. Before the Filipinos came to Hawaii, the majority of laborers were the Japanese. The great volume of the Japanese and their striking caused concern for the sugar planters. Sugar plantation was the major industry in Hawaii. Then the Filipinos were brought to Hawaii to pit the Japanese. This was the planters’ strategy of keeping labor wages low, the “divide and conquer” tactic. They brought the Filipinos to counter balance the power of the Japanese laborers (Takaki 151). In 1907 the Japanese Government restricted emigration of Japanese to Hawaii. This is evidenced by the Gentlemen’s Agreement. Porto Rico and The Philippine Islands were both labeled American territory. These two regions seem to be safer and would not be suddenly affected by immigration laws, therefore in the planter’s eyes became the
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Filipino in Hawaii - Filipino Americans in Hawaii According...

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