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Alfalfa Assignment

Alfalfa Assignment - 1 Alfalfa Assignment Part 1 The effect...

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1 Alfalfa Assignment Part 1 The effect of increasing density on individual alfalfa performance Pure treatments a) For the conspecific data only, create 2 graphs of means and upper and lower confidence limits for each mean (see lab 1 page 5 for an example), one for mean individual biomass and one for proportion survivorship based on the hypothesis that density affects alfalfa performance.
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2 b) Looking only at the means, describe the trend for each dependent variable and discuss if each supports the hypothesis that density affects alfalfa performance? Explain in one or two sentences. Hypothesis: Increasing conspecific density will affect Alfalfa individual performance. Independent variable: Alfalfa Seeds number Dependent variables: mean individual biomass, proportion survivorship Looking at both graphs, as the number of Alfalfa seeds increases, the individual biomass shows a decreasing trend and the proportion survivorship shows a decreasing trend as well. This proves the hypothesis true. Increasing conspecific density does affect Alfalfa individual performance. c) Looking at the confidence intervals around each mean, do the differences among treatments provide significant statistical support for the hypothesis? Provide a biological explanation of how density affects each dependent variable. Confidence intervals show overlapping which indicates statistically the difference is not significant. Although some confidence intervals show overlapping among the treatments, the trend provides a good support for the hypothesis. Denser seeding means more competition for the nutrients, this could be one explanation for how density affects mean individual biomass and proportion survivorship.
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