7 million 22000 15 million 40000 28000 20000 number

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Unformatted text preview: local varieties/hybrids >1,100 >700 19 45 15 0 22 3 0 1 a Number of imported varieties/hybrids 0 0 0 11 6 2 5 0 2 2 Environment: Biodiversity scenarios in the field Biodiversity Strong IPRs, strong breeding sector, and low Strong transaction costs. (US) Private technology owner transaction (US) will license the innovation to different seed companies, who incorporate it into many or all crop varieties, so that crop biodiversity is preserved. Strong IPRs, strong breeding sector, but high Strong transaction costs. (EU) If an agreement cannot transaction (EU) be reached, companies will bypass breeding sector, directly introduce GM crop varieties that are not locally adapted. Environment: Biodiversity scenarios in the field Biodiversity Weak IPRs and a strong breeding sector. (China) Many different GM varieties are available Farmers and consumers are beneficiaries. SR social optimum. social Weak IPRs and a weak breeding sector. (Africa) Weak (Africa If foreign GM crop varieties are even intr...
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