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Unformatted text preview: ient. Excessive requirements Registration may be used as a source of political economic rent seeking. seeking. Borders are arbitrary. Countries can take advantage of Borders regulatory clearances granted elsewhere and concentrate on addressing unique local problems and risks. on Countries should develop regional alliances for regulation Countries and establish mechanisms for easy transfer of regulatory information. information. Regulatory design-tougher is not better is Regulation has a role risk control and screening Post regulation monitoring can correct Post mistakes-irreversibility happens -but not always mistakes-irreversibility Tough regulation may lead to Concentration Delay of introduction of technologies Reduced research and investment and retardation Reduced of technology Need to optimize regulation Need Impacts of regulation strategies Impacts For plant that reproduce sexually- once a GMV For variety is developed(an event) the gene is inserted to others through back crossing inserted Tough regulation of each variety lead to reduce Tough choice and switching away from local varietieschoice a small number of varieties will be used and small much of the potential of innovation lost much Regulations of events increase choice -cost of Regulations modifying specific varieties smaller modifying Regulation and pace of change change Varieties may change rather fast with Varieties conventional breeding conventional Slow regulatory process may result in Slow insertion...
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