Africa weak africa if foreign gm crop varieties are

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Unformatted text preview: oduced, If are done directly without adaptation. A loss of local crop biodiversity. local Biotech Could Enhance Crop Biodiversity Enhance Conventional breeding led to wholesale replacement of Conventional land races with elite line monocultures land Biotechnology could provide precise improvements to Biotechnology traditional land races traditional Could lead to reintroduction of new “technologically Could competitive” land races - ”Jurasic garden” competitive” Access and development development Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Registrations Access: Biotechnologies in the South Access: Most IP is generated by research in the Most North North Transfer of public sector’s rights to the Transfer private sector provides incentives for development and commercialization development Companies have little incentive to invest in Companies applications specific to the South applications Access: Biotechnologies in the South Access: Companies are willing to give technologies for use Companies in South; good PR in Companies worry about liability, transaction costs Universities with rights to technology will also be Universities open to transferring to South applications open Needed institutional mediation: IP clearinghouse Access: Objectives of clearinghouse for IPR IPR Reduce search costs to identifying set of Reduce technologies accessible technologies Reduce transaction cost for the Reduce commercialization of innovations commercialization Increase transparenc...
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