Expectation regulations motivated introduction of

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Unformatted text preview: otech Its adoption is fast because of Its convenience as well as profitability. Underreporting of GMO use in India Brazil, and China. Environment: Sound Basis for Risk Analysis Environment: Is the Precautionary Principle a sound basis for risk Is analysis? analysis? There are always trade-offs between risks and benefits, There and between risks and risks. and In Africa, does risk of “genetic contamination” exceed risk of In starvation? starvation? Agricultural biotechnology should be evaluated in Agricultural comparison to pesticides and other real alternatives. comparison In tropics, increased productivity would reduce pressure for In deforestation. deforestation. Gmo’s are not perfect Gmo’s have problems-resistance buildup, Gmo’s damage to secondary pests, genetic contamination. contamination. Refugia, monitoring of impacts, restriction of Refugia, use in some locations can address these problems partially-but alternatives have problems and risks that have to be considered. problems Agricultural biotech is in its infancy- built up...
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