Individual there are trade offs in risk taking there

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Unformatted text preview: re Some of the risks associated with food Some policies include: policies Food shortages Environmental degradation Market concentration Poverty Political instability The Relations between risks and time and Risks may be correlated. High likelihood Risks of Food shortages is linked with high poverty probability. poverty Governance design should have a long Governance term perspective . Dynamic processes contribute to Dynamic generation or reduction of risks. Population growth may increase food Population shortage risk Food grew faster than population throughout Food most of the 20th century most Food productivity growth is sluggish-but Food population is expected increase and food demand to double. demand Food availability can meet the challenge by: Increased productivity increase intensification Expansion of agricultural land and resource base Malthusian scenario&agricultural Malthusian scenario&agricultural technology Intensification and the environment environment Alternative practices were introduced to Alternative reduce damages (IPM, Low Tillage, precision farming) with varying results Intensive use of chemicals(pesticides and Intensive fertilizers), multiple cropping and intensive plowing leads to plowing risks to human and animal health Contamination of bodies of water, Soil erosion Current ag biotech practices were invented to replace chemicals chemicals Expectation of strict pesticides Expectation regulations motivated introduction of pest control ag-bi...
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