Varieties conventional breeding conventional slow

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Unformatted text preview: of GMVs in older varieties and loss of benefits obtained through conventional breedingconventional Slow regulatory process slow innovation as Slow it is reducing returns to and thus investment in innovation investment Acceptance Acceptance Europeans attitude to Gmo Europeans Lack of trust in government-Bse F &mouth Insufficient food safety regulation Insufficient Strength of environmental movement Biotech is American technology Barrier to trade Scientists and society do not want to fall Scientists behind Acceptance Acceptance Progress of ag biotech depends on broad Progress acceptance acceptance Consumers have right to discriminate Consumers according to the way products are produced. according This discrimination should not be used to This form trade barriers form A global Academy of science needed for global dispute resolution Regulatory constrained needed for Regulatory acceptance. Concerns may be valid. Labeling Labeling Reasonable labeling is a reasonable regulatory requirement requireme...
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