And is the first generation of biotech appropriate is

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Unformatted text preview: profitability. and Is the first generation of biotech appropriate Is to developing countries to -will it increase yields? How will it affect crop biodiversity? Ag biotech and development development We will address these issues here Theory: Impacts of ag biotechnology vary biotechnology The impacts of ag biotechnology on yield depends on The where it is applied How it is applied What was used before The management of the crop before and with biotech The depend on depend socio economic situations and socio institutional arrangement associate with biotechnology institutional Two important factor The extent of use of chemicals The varieties that are being modified Productivity: Yield-Increasing Potential Productivity: Yield = potential output x (1 - damage) Yield damage = f (pest, pest control) (pest, Combination of high pest pressure and minimal Combination existing use of pest control potential for yieldincreasing effect Attractive features of pest-control agricultural Attractive biotechnologies biotechnologies Simplicity of use Reduction in use of chemicals or labor Expansion of weather conditions where crop grow Adoption of GMO may entail a switch from local Adoption variety to generic variety variety This switch may reduce yields Technology, variety changes and yield effect yield ∆Y = Y potential Generic (1 - DamgBiotech ) - Y potential Local vaariety (1 - Damgno biotecg ) Yield gain =Reduction of pest damage of Yield generic variety generic - Difference in net yiel...
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