Commercialization of innovations commercialization

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Unformatted text preview: y about ownership of IPR Provide mechanisms to manage negotiation of Provide access to IPR access Improve technology transfer mechanisms and Improve practices (mostly in public sector institution) practices Access: Model of a clearinghouse for IPR IP providers: Member organizations Non-member organizations Assignment, license, or option for full or limited fields of use Direct licensing transactions “Re-packaging” Pooled sub-licensing Single patent sub-licensing IP users: Non-member IP users Member organization IP users Non-member IP users Why Under investment in ag biotech biotech Regulatory constraints, IPR concerns reduce Regulatory investment investment Size of markets lead to under investment in Size minor crops minor Lack of investment is because of prices of ag Lack products Development of ag technology is cyclical Development depend on market condition depend Crisis leads to change Crisis Developing countries & minor crop crop Most ag biotech is developed for major crops in Most the north the Private companies in developed countries hold Private IPR for many GMO innovations There is a risk that Africa will miss the gene There revolution as it missed the green revolution. revolution Specialty crops may not attract investment in Specialty agricultural bi...
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