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Unformatted text preview: alists, but also benefited agribusiness Led to concentration Reduced solutions available for small crops & reduce diversity &specialization of farming. Reducing environmental risks increases concentration risks Farm land expansion& the environment environment Without increase in yield per acre population Without and demand growth will lead to expansion of agricultural resource utilization-deforestation, depletion of water resources,air and water pollution pollution Productivity increasing innovations crucial for Productivity protection of natural resources protection U.S agricultural acreage has decreased U.S throughout the century due to innovation& intensification. intensification. Conclusions Conclusions Agbiotechnology has significant potential for developing Agbiotechnology countries; the challenge is to realize that potential: countries; Productivity: yield effect of biotechnology tends to be larger in yield developing countries developing Access: iinstitutions can reduce IP and regulatory costs for nstitutions developing countries developing Risks: crop biodiversity can be preserved and could even be crop restored with biotechnology Ag biotech is more tha...
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