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Problems agricultural biotech is in its infancy built

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Unformatted text preview: of Agricultural human capital and accumulation of -will lead to eliminations of many bug and lead to better technologies technologies Current ag biotech & risks Current Realized risks of agricultural biotechnology Realized thus far is small(in spite Monarch Butterfly) Experimentation with agricultural biotech is Experimentation vast(100million acres + annually), Each year Each year without a major incidence adds confidence to the use of the technology. yet monitoring is needed to continue. yet Loss of ag bio-diversity is reduced when a Loss diversity of GMO varieties is introduced. diversity New ag bio-technologies New Development of current GMO provided Development tools for more attractive future GMOimproving nutritional contents and health. improving It may use plants as labs for chemicals and medicines.That may necessitate growing genetically modified plants that are not edible in order to protect our sources of food Bio tech and environment Bio GMO leads to gains in terms of pesticides GMO use reduction and reduce acreage as yields increase increase Gene flow is a potential problem- need to Gene be monitored be The risk depends on the gene inserted-Bt The and vitamin C producing genes may be rather benign - but genes can produce toxins-regulations should vary toxins-regulations The Price of Excessive Regulatory Caution The Price of Excessive Regulatory Caution The regulatory process of ag chemicals and biotechnology designed to respond to concerns of environment...
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