Revolution specialty crops may not attract investment

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Unformatted text preview: otech & under-utilize it agricultural Continued investment in public research Continued investment in public research Risk of under investing in public research and Risk development development Public sector research complement private Public sector . Through technology transfer there is continuity. continuity. Public sector research contributes to Public competitiveness competitiveness Public sector R&D is essential in developing Public countries and minor crops countries Private & Public research Private Public sector research emphasize Public generalized basic innovations generalized Private sector research is product focus There is complementarily between sectors Technology transfer is crucial link Private sector under R&D and that affects Private minor crops Diversification of research paradigm paradigm There is a risk of overemphasizing biotech Need public research in alternative Need solutions that is not embodied in products solutions Need regulatory research- with Need international cooperation and exchange of knowledge. Access: Reducing Regulatory Constraints Access: Registration should be effic...
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