recreation harvesting reduces alternative

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Unformatted text preview: ot harvesting), debt Alternatives: for nature, payment for environmental services Marketing of environmental amenities (Ecotourism, bioprospecting, tropical nuts ) Intensification and conservation Intensification Agricultural intensifications (fertilizers,chemicals)Agricultural increases yield per acre and reduces utilized land and deforestation deforestation Aquaculture provides substitutes for fishing, but has its Aquaculture own environmental side effects (to be controlled) own Forest plantation reduces pressure on natural forest Husbandry of animals (rhinos) would reduce pressure for Husbandry tasks and other features of wild animals tasks Fishery Issues Fishery International water. There are international agreements and evolving “laws of the sea,” yet, open access problems continue evolving Monitoring problems. Countries establish transferable fishing permits. Monitoring and enforcement may limit their effectiveness permits. Regulation of timing. The size, number of boats and duration of fishing may be regulated. Limitations: fishing (i) It leads to overinvestment in equipment. (ii) Frozen fis...
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