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Biology Study Questions: Photosynthesis, Global Warming 1. Why is the process of photosynthesis important to life on Earth? 2. What is the energy conversion accomplished by photosynthesis? 3. Define autotroph and heterotroph. Which one describes plants? Animals? Fungi? 4. Describe the structure and location of chloroplasts within a leaf. 5. What are the overall reactants and products of photosynthesis? 6. Compare the products and reactants of photosynthesis with those of cellular respiration. Which process is endothermic and which is exothermic? 7. What happens in the light reactions of photosynthesis? Where do these occur? 8. What are the substrates of the light reactions? The products? 9. What role does water play in the light reactions? 10. How is phosphorylation (production of ATP from ADP) similar in chloroplasts and mitochondria? 11. Describe the overall process of the Calvin cycle. Be sure to identify the inputs and outputs of the Calvin cycle. 12. What is the role of the enzyme rubisco?
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Does the Calvin cycle occur in the light or the dark? Explain. 14. What is photorespiration and when does it occur? 15. Why is it an undesirable process, as viewed by the plant and by farmers? 16. Name 2 alternative methods of carbon fixation used by plants. Why are these alternative methods used? 17. A plant was sealed in a large glass terrarium provided with water and light, but no allowance for gas exchange. Do you think it will die? Remain alive but not grow? Grow larger? Describe what you expect to happen and explain your reasoning. 18. Three snails were added to this terrarium. How might this change the growth and survival prospects of the plant? 19. What is currently a major cause of global warming? 20. Name 4 steps that could help slow the buildup of greenhouse gases. At least 2 of these must be actions that you personally could take; the remainder can be actions involving public policy or regulations....
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