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Final Project Guidelines

Final Project Guidelines - Final Project Guidelines You...

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Final Project Guidelines You have two choices for your final project in this class. The first is a final paper which will be explained below. The second is a final presentation to the class developed through a group process. Presentations If you choose to do a presentation you should choose or join a group of 2-6 people to develop and present the project collaboratively. The presentation should be on a topic selected from the historical period we have covered which is, first of interest to you, and second will inform the class on a topic that has not been covered in depth in lectures. The project itself will be allotted 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for question and answer with the class. I will set aside some class time for you to meet with your group during the rest of the semester to work on presentations, but you should expect to do some of the work outside of class time. You should include a audio/visual component to your presentation: powerpoint, video, slides, sound clips, etc. The presentations are meant
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