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First Essay Assignment 242

First Essay Assignment 242 - First Essay Assignment The...

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First Essay Assignment: The Election and inauguration of Barack Obama is history we are living. A black man has moved into the White House, built by black slaves, as president and the leader of this country. Only a generation ago, in my lifetime, African Americans could vote in parts of this country, and two generations ago were the targets of what some have called the black holocaust, a wave of lynching that claimed over 3,500 of the lives of black men who dared to challenge the social conventions white society. We think of segregation as a relic of the American south, but in my suburban neighborhood in Orange County California, you had to sign a contract when you bought a house that stipulated you would not sell it to an African American or a Mexican American. In my three years in high school, there was only one African American there each year, no doubt to avoid a segregation lawsuit. Even today, the Katrina Hurricane, the death threats against Obama and the recent
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