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Essay Option 2 Where does racism still show up in our society and how do you think it still survives? In other words, where have you seen or experienced, or engaged in (there’s no repercussions if you’re honest here, all of us have failed in some way or another to uphold society’s perceived rules of proper behavior, or our own values at one time or another) or judging people on the basis of race? I will be talking a lot about the media from time to time, for example, and I think we all saw racist aspects to the coverage of Hurricane Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti . . . and I don’t mean simply Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. CNN and MSNBC, supposedly liberal news channels, provided coverage where the racism may
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Unformatted text preview: have been more subtle, but it was there if you looked and listened. This can be strictly based on your own personal experiences or take a more academic approach and analyze the media or other parts of society where old patterns still persist . 2-4 pages. One way to go with this: Ice T’s talk about racism might be a good thing to bounce off of for some people if you’d like. He said a lot of things that I think many of us can recognize about racism is transmitted and why it persists in society. If you want to use Ice T in this or in the other essay, the recording that came off of is his verbal reading of a book he wrote called the Ice Opinion....
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