Debunking The Out Of Africa Origin Of HIV

Debunking The Out Of Africa Origin Of HIV - Debunking The...

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Debunking The Out Of Africa Origin Of The Greatest Conspiracy Story Ever Told By Alan Cantwell , M.D. January 01, 2005 AIDS is now more than a quarter-century old. The disease has killed 20 million people worldwide, and it is estimated that 40 million more are infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), the virus that causes AIDS. Ask your physician where AIDS came from and he or she will probably tell you the epidemic started when monkeys or chimps in the African bush transferred the AIDS virus (HIV) to a person while butchering primate meat for food or through an animal bite. For the first two decades of the epidemic the green monkey theory of AIDS was widely heralded in the major media, and was accepted without question by leading AIDS experts and educators. The theory was so universally popular (except in Africa) that it easily became fact in the minds of most people. Robert Gallo, M.D., and the Green Monkey Theory The AIDS virus was first discovered by Robert Gallo at the National Cancer Institute in April 1984. Shortly thereafter Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris claimed that he (and not Gallo) had first discovered the AIDS virus. A bitter lawsuit followed, which was finally settled privately in 1987 through the intervention of the French Premier and President Ronald Reagan. To this day, the two ‘co-discoverers' of HIV continue to disagree about the origin of HIV and the birthplace of AIDS. In Montagnier's book, Virus (2000), he states: "The origin of the epidemic remains a mystery, and the virus seems older than the epidemic" and "it is important to distinguish between the origins of the virus and that of the (AIDS) epidemic." The scientific scandal provoked by Gallo's "stealing" the virus from the French, as well as the ensuing government investigations into allegations of scientific irregularities and falsification of data in Gallo's lab, undoubtedly is the reason both scientists have never received a Nobel Prize for their discovery of HIV. A highly unsympathetic account of this scientific mess is provided by Pulitzer prize-winning author John Crewdson in, Science Fictions; A Scientific Mystery, A Massive Cover-Up, and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo (2002). Because Gallo is the most powerful and influential AIDS scientist, his views on the origin of HIV/AIDS have become gospel. He first called his AIDS virus the "human T- cell leukemia/lymphoma virus" because he believed it was closely related to newly
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discovered cancer-causing retroviruses. The virus was quickly renamed human T-cell lymphotropic virus-3 (HTLV-3), perhaps to obscure the connection of the AIDS virus to laboratory cancer viruses, and to downplay any association between cancer (which is thought to be non-contagious) and AIDS (which is definitely a sexually-transmitted disease).
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Debunking The Out Of Africa Origin Of HIV - Debunking The...

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