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Accounting 121 Approx Dates Chapter Titles Homework Questions…. 01.19-01.28 Introduction to Accounting and Business Analyzing Transactions  types and found in two places: 02.01-02.19 The Adjusting Process Question Type : Completing the Accounting Cycle 1st/3 of Ten Rules Of Investing  and provide INSTANT feedback--great practice and 02.22-02.26 Midterm One (mandatory) w/no feedback until completion 03.01-03.12 Inventories Question locations:  Sarbanes Oxley, Internal Controls, and Cash 1) www.aplia.com 03.15-03.26 Receivables as well as their due dates, CAN ONLY BE FOUN Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets ONLINE AT www.aplia.com 2nd/3 of Ten Rules Of Investing However, you can find the EOC reprinted at the 03.29-04.02 Midterm Two end of each chapter in the book--so bring your b
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