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Financial Statement Analysis Project : Identify a, non-financial (e.g. not a bank or insurance Co), US publicly traded company (e.g. GAP Stores). Write a short summary of the company as well as calculate, explain and show the work behind the calculations of selected financial measures (i.e. ratios) important to a company. Tools You Will Need: 1. Most recent (08 or 09) Annual Report of a publicly traded company from the company’s website . 2. A calculator and the formulas for, and/or definitions of, the analytical measures (in the book). 3. A binder and highlighting pen to organize your presentation of material and to identify the sources of your calculations. (See a model at the reference desk of our library). 4. A computer to type up your written answers AND calculations. Value: 7% of your final grade Due Dates: 1. 03.03.2010. Select, obtain and TURN IN a physical copy of the publicly traded company’s Annual Report downloaded from the company’s site or ordered from the company via phone. 2. 04.12.2010. Turn in a completed analysis consisting of: A) A typed sixty-word (two paragraphs) summary of the company’s business. B) A typed ratio analysis (see below for more detail) along with
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Ratio analysis copy New - Project Identify a...

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