Syllabus E 100 F09

Syllabus E 100 F09 - Professor Roscelli Economics...

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Professor Roscelli Office: B 13 R 222 Economics Department Syllabus Economics 100 Phone: 306 3414 Principles of Macroeconomics Office Hours MW 10-11 MW and after 1:30; Tuth 9-930 and after 2pm [email protected] Description & Objective All opening day handouts will be at Grading. Your class points will be allocated among the following: Points Two Midterm Exams 40% Homework/Participation 8% Aplia Online Quiz/Experiments 20% Cumulative Final Exam 32% Total 100% Puzzle Paper* extra credit 4%* * Up to 4% of your total grade (nothing guaranteed) Materials Required 1. Textbook: Mankiw , Brief Macroeconomic Principles and Applications (5th) or Economic Principles (5 th ) 2. Interactive Online Tool . Course Key: See Aplia sign up handout. Your grade is largely comprised of five parts : i. Notes and Graphs. Building thorough class lecture notes and solving of the problem sets will be crucial to your success. Your notes will help explain complex textbook materials. . Solutions to graphing problems MUST be done NEATLY on graph paper . It is essential that you read the book. Failing to do so will result in a very frustrating semester for you 2. Exams . Two midterms exams (blue book essay and scantron) will be given during
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This note was uploaded on 03/18/2010 for the course ECON 100 taught by Professor Roscelli during the Fall '09 term at Canada College.

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Syllabus E 100 F09 - Professor Roscelli Economics...

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