COMMONLY USED E - Aggregate Supply 21 P-l Price Level 22 p price of good or service 23 K Capital 24 m Money Multiplier 25 mpc Marginal Propensity

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Commonly Used Economic Symbols COMMONLY USED SYMBOLS (Macro and Micro) 1. Y Income/GDP 2. Y* Potential Y/GDP 3. Yd Disposable Income 4. C Consumption 5. I Investment 6. G Government Spending 7. X Exports 8. M Imports 9. XM Net Exports (+/-) 10. T Taxes 11. t Tax Rate 12. S Savings 13. w Wages 14. u Unemployment 15. L Labor 16. i-r Interest Rate 17. D Demand 18. S Supply 19. AD Aggregate Demand 20. AS
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Unformatted text preview: Aggregate Supply 21. P-l Price Level 22. p price of good or service 23. K Capital 24. m Money Multiplier 25. mpc Marginal Propensity to Consume 26. mps Marginal Propensity to Save 27. Q Aggregate Quantity 28. q individual quantity 29. rr Reserve Ratio 30. ≈ Approximately equal to 31. π profit (pi) 32. ∆ Change between to points or values (slope) 33. ∑ Sum of…...
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