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history Q chap 22 - 2 Which if any of the economic...

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Chapter Review Questions: Purpose: History classes can be overwhelming, so many dates, places, names, etc. The purpose of the questions below is to get you to focus on major ideas or themes in each chapter. The questions are designed to get you to “flesh out” these ideas. Yes or no answers are not expected nor wanted . Students should also look to see if an “Economic Reasoning Principle” applies and note it. o These questions, and their answers will form the basis for much of your grade. o You will find answers to quizzes as well as midterm essay questions built around these weekly chapter questions. o If you do not prepare these questions in advance of class you will lose points for participation . Moreover, you will not be well prepared for the midterms. Questions Chapter 22 1. Given your prior knowledge or studies, what about this chapter most surprised you? What ideas, if any, do you have most trouble accepting? Why?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Which, if any, of the economic principles discussed in the first week did you see at play in this chapter? 3. What sorts of advances, or further refinements of past advances, led to the rise of the middle class? • How does the auto change things? 4. What development allowed consumers to afford all these new products? • How did government aid this process? 5. Explain the history of prohibition 6. Explain: a. “High School Movement” taking hold in the 1920’s b. Unions declining during the 20’s c. Immigration from 1910-1919 and the governmental policies toward immigration. d. Farm incomes in the mid 20s? Why? The government’s response(s) to help the farmer? 7. Why were the poor not really getting poorer, and the rich not really getting richer during the 20’s? Stop at page 445 Chapter Review Questions:...
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