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CHEM 220 - General Chemistry 2 - Skyline College Laboratory Manual Fall 2008 Revision Return to CHEM 220 Lab Information Page IMPORTANT: • Many experiment handouts will be updated and revised throughout the semester. • They are provided now for reference only. • Please print only after instructed to do so. General Lab Report Requirements Experiment #1: Factors Affecting Reaction Rates Lab Handout Experiment #2: Determination of a Rate Law by the Method of Intial Rates Lab Handout Statistical Analysis: Standard Deviation Experiment #3: Hydrolysis of t-BuBr Lab Handout Experiment #4: Determination of K for an Esterification / Hydrolysis Reaction Lab Handout Mini-Report Guidelines Experiment #5: Determination of Keq by spectrophotometry Lab Handout - background and procedure
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Unformatted text preview: • Experiment #6: LeChatelier's Principle • Lab Handout • Experiment #7: Acid-Base-Salt Solutions • Lab Handout • Experiment #8: Buffer Solutions • Background • Procedure • Post-lab Questions • Experiment #9: pH-monitored Titration of Vinegar and an Unknown Acid • Lab Handout • Experiment #10: Determination of the Ksp of an Organic Salt • Background, Procedure, Prelab Questions • Postlab Questions • Experiment #11: Determination of the Thermodynamics of the Dissolution of Borax • Lab Handout • Experiment #12: Reactivity Series & Galvanic Cells • Lab Handout • Experiment #13: Galvanic Cells & the Nernst Equation • Lab Handout • Experiment #14: Electrolytic Cells & the determination of the Faraday Constant. • Lab Handout...
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labmanual - • Experiment#6 LeChatelier's Principle •...

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