natsel - B/Maryland/59 ‘68-69 A/Japan/62 /Taiwan/64...

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BIOL 215 Natural Selection 1 Antibiotic Misuse • For a virus • Not completing prescription • Someone else’s prescription Genetic Drift ‘00-01 A/Moscow/99 A/New Caledonia/99 B/Beijing/93 ‘03-04 A/New Caledonia/99 A/Panama/99 B/Hong Kong/01 ‘04-05 A/Fujian/02 A/ New Caledonia/99 B/Hong Kong/02 ‘05-06 A/New Caledonia/99 A/California/04 B/Shanghai/02 ‘67-68 A/Ann Arbor/57 A/Japan/62
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Unformatted text preview: B/Maryland/59 ‘68-69 A/Japan/62 /Taiwan/64 B/Mass/66 ‘76-77 A/Victoria/75 A/New Jersey/76 B/Hong Kong/72 ‘99-00 A/Beijing/95 A/Sydney/97 B/Yanamashi/95 Ecological Equivalents BIOL 215 Natural Selection 2 Convergent Evolution Ant-eating mammal needs: • Tongue? • Teeth? • Leg length? • Toes? Divergent Evolution Competition leads to:...
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natsel - B/Maryland/59 ‘68-69 A/Japan/62 /Taiwan/64...

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