Membranes are made of phospholipids membranes

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Unformatted text preview: .9c 2 2/3/2010 b.) Complex lipids • Contain C, H, & O, + P, N, or S. • Membranes are made of phospholipids Membranes phospholipids – Hydrophilic head – Hydrophobic tail Figure 2.10 c.) Steroids • Consist of four Consist carbon rings, with an carbon with –OH group attached attached to one ring. – Are part of Are membranes. membranes – Precursors to Precursors hormones hormones Figure 2.11 3 2/3/2010 3. Proteins • Are essential in cell structure and function. 1. Enzymes are proteins that speed chemical are reactions. reactions. 2. Transporter proteins move chemicals move across membranes. across 3. Flagella are made of proteins. 4. Some bacterial toxins are proteins. Some bacterial Figure 2.12 a.) Proteins – Amino Acids a.) • Consist of subunits called amino acids. Consist amino Nonpolar Acidic, Acidic, anionic anionic Polar Table 2.4.1 4 2/3/2010 Amino Acids Acidic, Acidic, anionic anionic Basic, Basic, cationic cationic Cyclic - Nonpolar - Ionic Table 2.4.2 b.) Peptide Bonds • Peptide bonds between amino acids are...
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