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Unformatted text preview: its biological function. …… biological …… REVIEW: REVIEW: TODAY’s Objectives: Students should be able to….. 1. Describe 4 extracellular structures unique to Describe prokaryotes, and explain the function of each. prokaryotes 2. Compare and contrast 5 structural characteristics of the Compare gram positive and gram negative cell walls. Include gram Include illustrations. illustrations. 3. Compare and contrast 8 differences between “prokaryotic” Compare and eukaryotic cells. W hat structures do they share in What common?..... common?..... 1 2/3/2010 2. Lipids • Are the primary components of cell Are membranes. membranes. • Consist of C, H, and O. • Are nonpolar and insoluble in water. Are nonpolar and insoluble – “Hydrophobic” a.) Simple lipids • = fats or fats or triglycerides triglycerides – contain contain glycerol and fatty acids; formed by dehydration synthesis. synthesis • Unsaturated Unsaturated fats fats – have one or more double bonds in the fatty fatty acids. acids. Figure 2...
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