14 c levels of protein structure 1 the primary

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Unformatted text preview: onds • Peptide bonds between amino acids are between formed by dehydration synthesis/ condensation Reactions condensation Figure 2.14 c.) Levels of Protein Structure 1. The primary structure iis a polypeptide s The primary chain chain – LINEAR SEQUENCE and number of AA’s. Figure 2.15a 13 2/1/2010 Levels of Protein Structure 2. The secondary structure The secondary – amino acid chain folds amino and coils in a regular helix or pleats. or – Simple folded/coiled Simple structures structures Figure 2.15b http://www.chemguide.co.uk/organicp rops/aminoacids/proteinstruct.html Levels of Protein Structure Figure 2.15c 3. The tertiary structure The tertiary (3D structure!!): – the helix folds irregularly, the – forming disulfide bonds, Hbonds, and ionic bonds between bonds, amino acids in the chain. amino 14 2/1/2010 Levels of Protein Structure 4. The quaternary structure consists...
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