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Somatic motor neurons skeletal muscles tissue

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Unformatted text preview: th Both muscle, cardiac muscle, exocrine glands/cells, some endocrine glands/cells, & some adipose tissue endocrine 2. Somatic Motor Neurons • Skeletal muscles tissue responses Skeletal Organization of the Nervous System CNS: CNS: PNS: Aff-PNS Eff-PNS ENS: Figure 8-1: Organization of the nervous system 1: 12 2/2/2010 8.2) A Typical Neuron Overview 1. Dendrites 2. Cell Body 3. Axon 4. Terminal Figure 8-2: Model neuron Diverse Neuron Form & Functions 1. Pseudounipolar 2. Bipolar 3. Anaxonic 4. Multipolar – CNS 5. Multipolar – efferent Figure 8-3: Anatomic and functional categories of neurons 3: Anatomic 13 2/2/2010 A. Metabolism and Synthesis A. in a Neuron in • Cell body = site of energy generation site and synthesis and • Axonal transport – Vesicles – • Fast axonal transport to terminal • Retrograde to cell body – Electrical depolarizations Electrical depolarizations Metabolism and Synthesis in Metabolism a Neuron Neuron Figure 8-4: Fast Axonal transport of membranous organelles 14...
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